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“The Only Definitive Reality is the Reality Dead Reckoned” -Simon Flynn

Evolutionary, Masonic and Biblical Continuums in North American and World History with a Focus on the the 3-4 European Imperial Presences During the North American Colonial Era Until the Subsequent Union Era’s Three Campaigns, which Culminated in the Union Conquest of Spain and the Annexation of Her Global Territories; and to Subsequent Global Paradigmatics of Infrastructure, Energy and Environment.
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The Evolving ABSTRACT:

The Federalization of The United States of America; at onset contemporaneous to the initial 1861 Union aggression, can be seen as an assertion of a cartographic vantage of dominion’s place upon land and sea. The Civil campaign by the Union was posterior to the US colonial era, and it can be said that the constitution’s stipulation of a bicameral legislature predicated the Union era partisanship that has since factored into American politics.

Vermont Senator Justin Morrill, c. 1860

Regarding the Union era’s three campaigns; the structural application of centralized hierarchical jurisdictions upon land, sea, substrate, biologicals, limnology and dubious populations of sapiens mirror sciences of applied geology, civil engineering, agronomy, limnology and the humanities; including social psychology and derivatives such as political science and applied economic theory. As an example here, the Morrill Act of 1862 stipulated US Department of Education specificities for the paradigms of educational zones within the federation. It is notable that the novel application of the rectangular coordinate surveying system facilitated the homestead act of 1862’s grid and remains the rectangular pattern of an often larger scale and conglomerated agronomical grid.

The Union’s second campaign of aggression led to the extirpation of tribal nations such as the Sioux, with ecological damage done to many species and pertaining biometric linkages, in what can be seen in historical hindsight as a highly valid though arguably genocidal effort to cultivate the Great Plains, which are vastly superior to Southern Russia or North Central China. Today, with China farmland poisoned and Russia at war in its nuclear grain belt. The world is eating daily because of the USA.

Sitting Bull

The third Union Era campaign was the conquest of Spain. All global Spanish territories were annexed from Spain; from the halls of Moctezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, and later through the Middle East and to places like the Philippines. Notably contemporaneous to the 1898 invocation of the Monroe Doctrine by McKinley and Roosevelt was the abdication of several European monarchs as insidious German theories promulgated social degradation in the top down and bottom down sense of fascism and Marxism.

By the time of the Magnusen Stevens Marine Fisheries Act in 1970; the cartographic vantage had established itself as law across the USA and to 200 nautical miles off every coast in the world. Magnusen was essentially contemporaneous to the Tonkin incident and to the USA’s valiant statement of resolve regarding halting the death toll occurring during the Great Leap Forward. From the inception of Marxism in Germany and across Prussia and Russia; through the Great Leap Forward in the heart of China; approximately 100,000,000 (100 Million) Jewish, Polish, Russian, Chinese and Cambodians were murdered in the assertion of a Marxist proletariat communalism.

Speaking of infrastructure in accordance with the vantage of the aforementioned cartographic perspective: consider variable rail gauges and line voltages. Couplings and plugs vary globally like metric and imperial systems. Functional components and mechanics throughout civil and mechanical design are vital code and typified systematics parameters for any and all who believe in engineering and the participatory sciences. Yet, code like USA household 240v 120v electrical differs from the popularity of four burner stoves and the studio, 1, 2, 3br normalcy found in the American home. Beginning circa 1898-1939 at the western and eastern periphery of the entire Spanish American, WWI, WWII continuum and persisting into the Maoist Great Leap Forward; the northern hemisphere was cleansed of American and a far greater number of Eurasian persons deemed undesirable or politically incorrect for a duplicitous new world order of political, economic, housing, and infrastructural paradigmatics that were themselves to lead to global conflict.

In summary, perhaps, I ask; with what speed and inalterable specificities does the standardized code superhighway cartography progress through the spatial and temporal limitrophes of tribes, municipalities, parishes, states, and their rights?

Neither 140 acres for $140, nor 40 acres and a mule for former slaves became long term paradigms for American agronomy or housing.
The home of Saint Elizabeth is among the few examples of the initial New York City remaining on the island of Manhattan today; the demolition era coincides approximately with the 1956 Superhighway and National Defense Act.
I, I am a pariah to the specifics of Eastern Seaboard debate. My 1862 Morrill Act Land Grant University experiences at Clemson and UMass left me brain damaged and driven to insanity before these recent decades within Yale psychiatry. My only recourse to the national schism has been the deduction of fact in redundancy and the realization of real continuums within thesis versus antithesis conflicts. With nowhere to go I have taken definitive strength from my federal security and hermetic reckoning of place.



Haliaeetus leucocephalus

“ae ae aesculapius of the aether...

…originates as archaeopteryx”

The aether’s archaeopteryx reigns…

aloft, sees in dreams… which aesclepius sustains…

for nature’s height hath caduceus brains…

So the ether’s archaeopteryx must…

rove the air, to tell… in trust…

adeptly weaving worlds… with words! …and while weaving… proceed thus…

past warps, till woofs… are producing… weft…

by ginning thoughts… joining right and left…

quixotically native… and… in… too…

mind’s anticipant weir… and seldom through.

Read and written, into minds…

transitioning thee through these riparian times…

duplicitous, anadromous, parties mine…

by stories, lore, in science, in time…

proceeding… in studies… voraciously fine…

cruc* on that scene of most difficult brine*

from whence the sapiens chart; these the sapient times…

venturing from the silvic heights…

upon this cloth; this firma terre,

cried plane versus sphere in sacred rites

of mountain, meridian, land, sea and air

to order, learner… deciphering, tare

and place these cephal talons there…

into that sub limnol lair…

not thee? …and I… I… with cross to bear?

This and thus the learned yearner.

For born of open spaces, dreams,

where wanderers think… and… spirits seem…

The hearts and minds! …

of yearning persons…


A nation, built, with arch, with dome,

stands on lands, grains, timbers… lone

and free in mind this heart to roam

hath found thy dream, thy name, thy home.

-Simon A. Flynn


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