STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC is contemplating requisite human materiel, energy and waste factors potentially causal of acute variables within a resultant catastrophic liquid carboniferous fuels depletion scenario that will initiate a transportation sector collapse. Finite and chemical aspects of fuels and materials having exhaustible or toxic qualities or specific utile dedications that do not have substitution possibilities within implemented mechanical and civil systems are problematic.

Also, in light of ideation regarding a finite earth: a hypothesis of ecosphere death, given a fossil organic fueled multiple global engine and motor fleets’ re-engineering, remanufacturing and re-implementation failure result justification for a then resurgent coal liquification age justified as sustenent of vital human systems, remains a paradigm shift difficulty today.

Thence, during a hypothetical civil collapse due to fuel inflexibility, waste, or biotic entropy; carbon pollution, more specifically than HAZMAT, garbage or effluents, is potentially resultant in a possible severe threat to biospheric viability for human life’s perpetuation, specifically if manifest as a threat to biometric considerations of agronomy and essential silviculture.

Both atmospheric and oceanographic climatological carbon acids chemistry as well as many prokaryotic and eukaryotic species invasions constitute the global biological and bio-carboniferous flux now contemporaneous to said imminent transportation sector collapse.

The remaining aspect is the global international private/public sector domain definition based infrastructural systematics conflict of the Cold War era as facilitated by historic and modern Marxism. Divergent paradigms and constructs pertain to global agriculture and the dietetics of Leviticus 11 versus bushmeat in the western and eastern worlds; and thus to COVID 19.

Still, global systems produce biological anomaly in the living earth through the facilitation of rapid mobilization of propagules and carbon terraforming in particular, as well as with the general production of solid waste and effluents.





“In Service of the USA; STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC is a Federally Funded Effort to Improve Our Nation”

In a tunic of medical construct I inhabit this my cloister’s nucleus; a kind of Henge Armillary of my vantage and perceptual complexities reckoned via introversion and extroversion at fixes upon my perimeter, seen and sighted from the dead set origin which is my center of self and soul… upon points both external and internal to this self, I.

I find my geospatial locale malleable yet permanent with my federal backing. I feel enmity from those who know their vulnerability and often seek forgiveness as much as the solution, and I admittedly believe that the impending depletion of bio carboniferous fuels will end this age in a calamity of famine and strife; as the transportation sector collapses well before ecosphere death may cause humanity’s terminus.

I mention my belief that the children of my age will not live to have their own children and grandchildren because I believe, here, in science fiction perhaps in such a way so as to rationalize that the plagues and war, the evolving frontiers of Christendom, and the Mason Dixon prescription of divisive premise which is so undeniably some permanence of mantras in flux; is our entirety, and yet that also there exist externalities beyond all that we are.

We, then and therefore, are charged to face these external factors and functions, with the internal intricacy, as an apparitional order; we whom exist as an eternity with God if truth be that we can not be saved on this earth. So, listen, hear, see, and perceive; for during these days now it is said that the end of biocarboniferous fuels and life; the final end of Christ’s epoch, and thus perhaps the end of the earth and of time… has arrived.


Simon Flynn


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Archaeopteryx Caduceus

Simon Flynn’s Poem:

Haliaeetus Leucocephalus


“ae ae aesculapius of the aether...

…originates as archaeopteryx”

The aether’s archaeopteryx reigns…

aloft, sees in dreams… which aesclepius sustains…

for nature’s height hath caduceus brains…

So the ether’s archaeopteryx must…

rove the air, to tell… in trust…

adeptly weaving worlds… with words! …and while weaving… proceeds thus…

past warps, till woofs… are producing… weft…

by ginning thoughts… joining right and left…

quixotically native… and… in… too…

mind’s anticipant weir… and seldom through.

Read and written, into minds…

transitioning thee through these riparian times…

duplicitous, anadromous, parties mine…

by stories, lore, in science, in time…

proceeding… in studies… voraciously fine…

crux on that scene of most difficult brine…

from whence the sapiens chart; these the sapient times…

venturing from the silvic heights…

upon this cloth; this firma terre,

cried plane versus sphere in sacred rites

of mountain, meridian, land, sea and air

to order, learner… deciphering, tare

and place these cephal talons there…

into that sub limnol lair…

not thee? …and I… I… with cross to bear?

This and thus the learned yearner.

For born of open spaces, dreams,

where wanderers think… and… spirits seem…

The hearts and minds! …

of yearning persons…


A nation, built, with arch, with dome,

stands on lands, grains, timbers… lone

and free in mind this heart to roam

hath found thy dream, thy name, thy home.

-Simon A. Flynn

In Dialectical Wildernesses Demanded of Me is Verse

I fear departs an age of snarled ash snaths; once steam bent as the constitution’s oaken futtocks were, then gripped as landed scythes which anvils, stithys, fires did forge and curl in heat and steam… for reaping time when honed by stone, and close to temper, their iron chines would cut, until thence harvesting grains for breads then threshed, winnowed, and ground to loaves for feeding at thanks to strengthen those and theirs whom had thus forged upon the mighty sea and land this faith borne venture, at his command… and that such an epoch doth now wane for loss of brace trees, of greatest good, felled forward towards the oaken mill; as should.

It is as though o’er ramparts and bulwarks a spirit may depart… towards grander timber’s nominal yields this here forest now forgot? For “greener pastures” in meridian squares the meets and bounds departed?


Catalysts of a Biocarboniferous Age.
Aged Thinking on Life,
it’s Origins, and it’s Organization



“telemetric reconaeopteryx megahertz sensation”

aves virginianus apres americana arborum;

mort et putridem de les animalium de aisa,

quod mutare tempora a signum in zodiaco

partum mutationes en eorum praedam supera la terre en ut lagomorph, anatidae et pilate.

…et vida advenit; un plagae sur cornu et nebula de vitae noxium en des arca despergens

…et vida en accelerated flux fracturae biometrics quod membranes

per reconae mortuis a de centrum de le henge armillary vortices: bulwark de mon theorem.