September 911

When I got sick and was diagnosed in 1998, and then proceeded to disappear, I felt that mr anal had confused Americans. Women consciously did not want their seed machines to rip them a new one. No woman wanted to be a compliant anal oral slut. In that the human soul is inherently good, men naturally knew better than to make women “suck that shit” during “belching and farting” anal intercourse where, during the enjoyment, all that bloody cum shit was being consumed. Yet, mr. anal had different ideas about forcing things, and during the radio syndication war of the nineties when communications went cellular, he broacast his farting anal mandate to America. The psychological archetype of the Marxist Gemenwebenshaft that mr anal forced into the American mind was a planned attack on America by the syndication system which would create the cellularity grid of computer radio telephone transponders. The FDR, Herzl, Wahhab, Saud, Laden, Halliburton, Osama, Taliban, 9/11 continuum is real. The fact that mr anal was the Marxist inductor voice for the Soviet sequence of revolution by destruction of women’s personal dignity, (and archetypally, of men’s) then striking holy matrimony, thus destroying the church, thus eliminating class, thus reducing societal structure, and therefore causal of the militant political impetus for the reduction of global culture and society to one low laboring proletariat as Marx intended; is beyond coincidence in terms of statistical probability. If O. Laden wanted to catalyze a pan Islamic state via the implosion of sectarian Islam, then is there not following logic seen in the power vacuum now drawing the USA, British, French, Russian, Chinese, and, via CPEC border dispute conflicts, India, into the same “axis of evil”*; and is there not similarly following logic that mr anal and his radio Marxist manifesto was juxtaposing the Sino Soviet intelligentsia with American values up to and sustained past the day we were attacked by the antagonist to Wahhab whose stated intention was to create the foci of a holy WWIII? Further, from the Mt 2 point’s flight south from Herod, to a Surah 61 postulation of Christ’s eastward movement to Baghdad, theology is powerful. Combined with global resource scarcity we have arrived at today.

*not necessarily a Korea issue, yet Bolshevik/Trotskyist debate pertains.