I know that comparisons can be made between people who are more or less formally educated than others.

I postulate that the Morrill Act during the federalization (USA) was causal of zonal competencies with geospatially defined hierarchical structures within the boundaries of zones.

What delineates and defines the modalities and outliers of populist paradigms in these zone systems relative to knowledge, competency, federal valuation, etcetera? And, similarly; what descriptors of this relativity to all variables typify specifically temporal aspects of the paradigm or it’s adherents, including yet not limited to: variables such as archetypal cognition, symbolism, age, ethnicity, geospatial proximity, data storage and transmission, papyrus, oration, processor speed, radio syndication, etcetera?

What morphology quantifies paradigm adherent populations over time, and how can it be mapped, described and defined?


I once quipped that environmentalism was invented by the KGB in the popular agronomical ignorance aftermath of a northeastern agronomical exodus and the subsequent Douglas fir nominal grade code stipulated housing construction boom. And, that the causal legislation and reality was the 1956 Superhighway and National Defense Act and the then novel transportation sector, with its class A freight and standardization.

This mentality transformation as it appeared subsequent to the 1956 Superhighway legislation was also subsequent to laws passed in 1862. The Morrill land grant university act of 1862 stipulated that specific skills would be instilled in technically competent professionals tasked with working in specific regions. The pacific rail act, also of 1862, facilitated the inter workings of these stipulated federal regions.

I feel that the 1860’s civil conflict was the application of federal advantage for commerce and defense in a bicameral schism precluded by the penning of the bicameral aspect of foundational document prescriptions for the legislature and it’s two bodies. it occurred at to the detriment of pastoral idealism and community integrity, yet, the USA subsequently destroyed Nazi Germany and the Soviet Socialist Republic, amongst other evils.

Ecology is a godless and delusional view of the earth which has since it’s inception been fervently built into an increasingly legitimate science by good people amongst the deluded and ignorant hopefuls who believed they had achieved suburban agronomy – whilst true farmers predominantly departed the eventual suburban population zones for “greener pastures”.

Senator Justin Morrill

The USA has always been a natural resources and agronomy superpower. Amidst the half to two acre “country farm” mythology and delusions of New England; I would personally stipulate a radical development of a range of agro-ecological land use and research science industrialism scenarios.

Yet, we must beware the perpetually paradigmatic Cold War and it’s debate between public and private sector and the extremes of monetary policy; both to the detriment of valuation beyond capital yet also in consideration of quagmire of failure which occurs when neither capital nor currency facilitates marketplace activities.

To think of the earth must be to think of it’s utile anthropocentric qualities. Yet, additionally, the real and just novel aspects of natural sciences comprehend the spatial and temporal limits of populations on an admittedly finite earth. Rotational harvests of renewables and preparedness for finite, often extracted, ores and fuels needs be a real concern in national and global security.

Shop Table Extension

Bop and I are making a folding table that will be hinged into being level with the resurfacing we plan to do of our layout table with a single piece of 3/4” birch plywood for a top. We are trying to be precise about the permanent table’s two rip cut corner removal (like a square champher) that we’ll table sawyer into the side element that will be affixed to the permanent table for support and hinges.

All dimensions relative to resurfacing the table with 3/4” birch need consideration pertaining to the supportive folding aspect and the sawhorse basis of its ability to support a load. I will use the other sawhorse brackets for an easel that will support up to about a 5’x10’ oil painting on a canvass I will stretch onto a shop built canvas frame. This pair of sawhorse brackets, however, is being used as the integral steel of a modular structure that will bear the tool and materiel load when our folding table is set up. Contemporaneously to the supportive sawhorse; we need to configure the hinge anchor point for the planned dynamism of the layout table within the shop’s configuration.

The tabletop we are working on will hang plumb when the sawhorse is removed. My trigonometric calculator is cracked and broken until the new one arrives and so this is more of a direct transfer and scribe job than a mathematical equation.

I say precision because I’d like a golf ball to be immobile when the folding shop table extension components are in place. The shop table too. We shall see. I see no reason to avoid a focus on achieving precision throughout the fabrications occurring in the shop; even if our fractional significant figures don’t get to the 32nds we might hope for.

As a carpentry shop I am intending several achievements. They include my oil painting art in custom stretched canvass and framing. Additionally, however, I say that the potential for taxonomic research in the kingdoms of Animalia and Plantae are going to be fascinating aspects of STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC research.

I plan to buy a Samsung chrome book 4, 32gb laptop for $140 for this garage shop and pottery studio botanical station. I will then put all my carpentry, gardening botany, silviculture, and other research online in a participatory experiment. It will be fairly easy to link it into my STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC domains.

Anyway, the laptop fits in a pelican 1170 with some other stuff and I am looking forward to having the Samsung cantilevered via computer desk bracket over work on variously configured shop furnishings. Eventually, I’m thinking about a $99 TV cart, a 50” shop TV, and various optics including for microscopy. Then, perhaps some simple dissection of animalia and plantae. It’s not exactly that dissection of a bumblebee is a PhD level activity with the under $400 microscope that I dream of. I don’t know if I’ll ever taxidermy a chipmunk or a chickadee. It’s simply that I love science; whether it’s the trigonometry of carpentry, the taxonomy of plants and animals, or the precision control of elements requisite for plant nutrition. Add a computer to my kitchen cabinetry carpentry, wild specimen collection and dissection, or basil plant nutritional deficiency experimentation, and; my shop is a laboratory.

Quit! Flee!

When I was a young man, it seems to me that people would introduce themselves with words like “hey, how are you?“, and “hi!”.

When I got to UMass as a Division I athlete, “swim coach” Ross Yarwor introduced himself by saying “it’s tough to talk with my cock in your mouth”; after I had nearly fled when he forced me to touch his genitals during our first day meeting. I felt obligated to continue D1 swimming for the people who believed it would lead to my success; so I returned to Ross after the molestation incident for the commencement of two years of being called “faggot shit cock sucker” by his collusive team because 1) I am an adherent of conservative definitions of holy matrimony, and, 2) I had been at Clemson University.

I find no justification for having wasted my university opportunities in his pool at an expense of perhaps a hundred thousand dollars. Though I suspect there is no US Navy SEAL today capable of my 55:05 5K freestyle capabilities in 1997, I would challenge even our US Navy to in any way legitimize what UMass trained me to be.

Pertaining to false ideas at UMass: it was just last week I called wetland wildlife ecologist Curtice Gryphon at Holdsworth Hall to let him know I had obtained my new personal domain and he feigned a mocking drawl and hung up quickly. I assert that I’ve learned to vacate places amidst the foolhardy gravitas and triviality at universities. Consider that environmentalist activists at UMass will exclude you and work for your expulsion in attempts to end your life, simply upon hearing “y’all”, “creek” instead of “stream”, “leaf litter layer” instead of “detritus”, “whitetail deer” or “wild boar” and other fighting words about forest dirt, etcetera.

Perhaps in a tragic correlation, I was never informed by the NCAA that I would receive absolutely no UMass class credit for all swimming, running and weigh training activities in Ross’s 4hr/day, 2sessions/day, 6 days/week “Cock and Balls” rapist feces and blood eating “shitty cock” lecture series and classical conditioning sensory deprivation nightmare.

For about 30 years I’ve been a disabled American with a brain injury/disease. Everyone says “get up”, and “get a job”. Some of my psychiatric team has reminded me that others are sometimes hit by trucks. I have heard that UMass keeps statics of annual student deaths from such things as drug overdoses, suicides, and falling out of dormitory windows. Is this in the name of science?

Sometimes somebody somewhere makes new friends who dose them with a forensically probable dozen hits of Alkaloidally tinctured Lysergic Diethylene. Then they are boot kicked in the head for a while until liberal psychiatric professionals take over the sublimation therapy and do what they can with psychotropic pharmacology to “help” the victim be very submissive to boorish sodomites because… “it’s who you really are”, and because denouncing sodomy is de facto illegal in the name of holy matrimony within the broadcast syndication zone of some entity which will not reveal itself.

This, is all really a precursor to my sentiments regarding being a quitter; and my belief that the USA would be a far better place if the NCAA were intentionally shattered by a knowledgeable national academic initiative. All D1 NCAA sport should be broken, perhaps by financial means similar to title nine’s empowerment of female athletes; and the resources applied to sport should be applied to all people of all ages… with the knowledge, precision, and exercise science currently directed to the betterment of few, yet instead which should be organized into a participatory recreational level societal wellness stipulated never to exceed D3 proficiency in any athlete.

Socialism in America

The USA’s Civil era Federal Acts of 1862 and their precedent were about regionalized capacities like CT medicine and insurance, WI and CA dairy, TX Beef, and FL and CA citrus, etcetera. The antithetical regionalism typification of self sufficiency is known as confederation.

Relegation by said theory of federalism to exclusive valuation of primary industry productivity is resultant; in the context of economically valueless intellectual property abstractions relative to the dominant professions and their academia construct.

Who would pay for other than a local primary industry’s exclusively validated intellectual property? What of all other professions and their valuelessness? Who cares about “those people” anyway… unless they labor for the elite class? What causes a socialist populace in places with a singular focus on exclusive thought? Is this impetus causal of a significant and incremental devaluation in secondary and tertiary activities and otherwise productive ideations which might have yielded productivity and betterment to society had the continuum of US history not placed emphasis on Federal Law? What is the Marxist “one low laboring proletarian utopia”, anyway? Aren’t radical socialist revolutionaries like Marx historically about an abandoned and disgruntled under class beneath the Tzar? Will abolition as a function of skin pigmentation create a new reality of slavery or is the master an isolationist tzar in a federal globalism context of higher powers?

Finally, is it perhaps “trickle down economics” when potentially valued intellect can only garden and serve for the owners and intellectuals of the privileged idea and it’s infrastructure?

I am a sort of gardener, carpenter and cartographer. I have a brain injury. I can not labor. Who would pay me to think? Landscaping simply isn’t Connecticut’s primary industry with Pfizer funded groups like the Forest and Park Association filibustering land use. Will others realize that ideas don’t pay?


Amongst federation sapiens are a probable majority of modality adherents; and, also, the outlier ones who are externalities to the populist thinking of the one thought flowing within and through the ethereal megahertz. Thus; likely is a shadow percentage of the sapient who are simply unable or unwilling to participate in the paradigmatic bulk of the federation’s stipulated thought definition mantra rituals.

Externalities often don’t chant the mantras, and yet on occasion they are it’s authors. However, the mind paradigm and the paradox stasis is controlled and promulgated by the correspondents who utter the “synoptic oration of everything” (SOE); for digitization into the ethereal web flux of the megahertz spectrum. Their singular correspondence of the centric ethereal archetype paradigm is lawfully required to occur between the colloquial “them” consortium of the bicameral federation hierarchy and the masses. The thence shepherded populace beneath the “them” consortium then dutifully believes in or at least obeys the paradigm promulgation …or denies it in adherence to the prescribed antithesis.

The corresponding entity structure and adherents of the correspondents then programmatically expel all those externality sapiens who will not chant the mantras of either federal zone. Excessive belief or disbelief in the debated governance and reality sequence finds no veritas in the paradigm maintenance stipulation. So it is that the shadows cognizant of federal zone behavior and the assertion of the domestic contention prescription fade from apparency.

Therefore, the extra modal percentage of outlier sapiens is typically within one of these two primary eastern seaboard federal basis paradigm zones of the contention. They occasionally transcend their zone into another. These shadow sapient, both good and evil, and beyond either the thesis or it’s antithesis, move beyond the multiple typified federalization limitrophe parameters and their postulated normalcy containment of the mantra adherency. It is at the point where an individual ceases zonal normalcy and refuses zone paradigms and also their paradigmatic antithesis; that the mind control agency operatives are activated.

Botanical Research

I’m beginning to research elemental plant nutrient deficiencies in crops and young trees.

I hope that my plans for botanical experiments  employing variably fortified aqueous mediums might then initiate diagnostic capacities relative to averting specific “crop failure” symptoms resultant of elemental nutrient deficiencies. The absences of specific nutrients are induced in laboratory specimen growth solutions that are nourishing the targeted herbaceous species. 

Then, field remediation using resultant understandings of lab proven solutions indicative of nutritional cures might become utile on Bloomfield lands. Experimentally, the periodic omission of specific elemental nutrient solutes from laboratory growing solutions is the proven method I intend to perfect and explain in regards to this applied botanical research program . 

I invite everyone’s participation and hope for leadership with offices, expertise, facility space and properties including and other than my own. Further, Bloomfield’s Harris Agriscience two greenhouse botanical research laboratory might eventually be appropriate scientifically and politically if the scale of these postulated experiments increases. 

Contemporaneously, Any space in southern windows, greenhouses, cold frames, or with appropriate artificial light might prove useful once the soilless chemistry processes are defined. Basil or tomato are my chosen research plants for demonstrating plant diseases in leaves and fruits. The Arbor Day Foundation can provide desirable native species of trees for silvicultural and arboreal versions of these hydronic scientific applications. 

Father Michael at SHC and I are beginning to talk about agronomy, yeast leavening and  fermentation, vinting, arbor culture, food preparation, silviculture, and all the biblical examples of such things. 

I’ve purchased this book:

Please consider contacting me.

Simon Flynn