The first world’s global transportation sector fleets are perhaps 98% fuels inflexible; due to the requisite specific chemistries of all current prevalently implemented engine designs. And, though initially thought perpetual, all phases, yet particularly now liquid phase organic fossil bio-carboniferous fuels stocks, are finite.

After the rise of Standard Petroleum in Appalachia; Roosevelt family leadership that began at Biltmore near 1900 continued with FDR and a battle with the Ruhr energy power. We did not immediately reveal the new Texan power as the USAAF gained air supremacy and both Herzl and Wahhab were assisted.

Perhaps, the Hispano Mozarabic Rite leads beyond the land and sea, from the halls of Moctezuma to the shores of Tripoli, and then into the Jacobin lands sought by Herzl and, East of there, to the place where Wahhab built Saud.

Yet all personnel imploded homewards for the fat man towards the 1956 Superhighway and National Defense Act’s civil terraform when the nuclear age began and the earth surrendered for a time everywhere but in the dragons’ lair pogrom at the heart of China as the imperial see of that nation was drawn northeast.

Thence on our seas, airs, and lands there was the need for the fossil liquids, and the fleets began and grew and changed.

Geological statistics showed that the fuels were finite several decades before the monopolist Hussein took to a strategic theft of the bulk of these remaining world carboniferous liquid organic fossil resources and set to defend the stolen right to sustain the world by guarding the substrate with a WWII era military power and weapons of mass destruction.

Here, in this synopsis, know that resource scarcity is as or more causal of conflict than theological differences. And, though Matthieu 2 and Surah 61 may foment argument regarding the footsteps of Christ between Bethlehem and John at the Jordan; both the goop of Mesopotamia beneath pharaonic sands and also Baghdad itself lay East of the holiest places under guidance of the birth star where in substrate is that rock, nowupon being built.

Harken now to the knock in future grass seed ethanol fired engines with their burning rings. Listen as the “seasonal mix” of freight transport becomes in future times subject to “seasonal fuel” and crop rotations from the tofu beans that Indochina won with our benevolence.

Design the electrical fleet faster than now possible if the lithium can be procured or the cadmium chemically engineered. Harness the sunlight if the three quarters of a century of failures in practical and implementable superconducting ends in unexpected electrical engineering wonder. Replace world home heating and double our electrical grid’s voltage capacity for warmth and locomotion in this future lenten season which looms as certain before the abject filth of the return to coal liquids which to find will the Rockies’ overburden yield.

Vital resources are being reallocated through the Limitrophes amidst the masses and their demand. They supply bickering to the need to slow as here prescribed. And, whilst scarcity of so many things is so causal of dispute: See both the energy in the rock, and in the tree, as disputed flux of “matter for lives” with it’s overburden issue applied to land and sea, as you are seeking the undeniable word of God and our leadership within the books that you may find and in the cry of vantage to these future days; for they are surely soon to pass.