Aged Thinking

1) Jethro Tull, Agronomist.
2) Charles Darwin, Zoologist.
3) Adam Smith, Economist.
4) Carlus Linnaeus, Taxonomist.

Much of what I postulate regards visionary thinking about organizational behaviors and their management. While Linnaeus developed the system of classifying life and various organisms, Darwin envisioned the origin of species within Linnaeus’s system. Smith and Detoquerville (not pictured) envisioned systems of democracy and economic theory as they would be applied to the USA. Finally, though earlier, Tull seemed to predict the labor conflicts which would arrive with the industrial revolution; and, as an agronomist, invented, experimented with and built his seed drill as a politically advantageous labor saving device. Consider, similarly, Deere’s moldboard plow, which made the same Great Plains abandoned by the French and Bonaparte as being a purportedly useless wilderness, tillable from dawn to dusk and of form still used today. MacCormac and the IH Trust rose in the same Legality as Carnegie, Rockefeller and Vanderbilt amongst others. Until, Union conquest of the South proceeded to extirpate nations like the Sioux. As predicted by the Lincoln Douglas debates the Hartford Springfield war machine then did in fact continue and conquer Spain; annexing her global territories. As European monarchs then sequentially abdicated… rightist and leftist theories took hold in Germany… and the predicted industries and methods turned towards war and war machines.