I’ve been able to avoid the diminishment of others through command for almost my entire life. I’ve improved in neither being domineering nor subordinate. I believe that a Christendom of peace and love should be a legal option for life in the USA and that I have mostly achieved it. Still, I am without a wife. I believe our nation is undeniably under assault. The Marxist gemenwbenshaft has brought holy matrimony under attack. And, the familial structure of man and wife that brings good into life.

I believe there to be a fundamental partisan chaos in the minds of most Americans. I have spoken thus and been deemed null and void and thus I now retreat into permanent familial and federal custody. My only wish is that a wife will join me in this my transcendent hermitage. The doubt I feel regarding this; my only objective in life, has and continues to increase. I don’t consider my federal benefit desirable to a woman. I don’t believe a wife will join me in my solitude. Yet I persist in believing she might exist.

I wish to say farewell to the entire paradigm of New York City media. I wish to continue in a departure from the induced belief structure of the eastern seaboard. I no longer believe the thesis nor the antithesis of all the things that modal sapience equates to in our national prescribed argument.

I write this letter in vain; asking you to turn off and turn away from all the doctrinal topics of debate flooding into yourself and your family’s minds and souls. I lament that the Bible seems to nearly end with Christ. I consider his return amidst this now occurring confabulation of ideas and simultaneous resource scarcities and it seems near time indeed for the final end of the energy generative of the prescribed argument to send us dissipating into the biotic entropy resultant of said energy depletion; as unenergized all civil systems will in this way collapse.