A solitary contact arriving soon it now appears, is, whilst decades of waiting now wane, elusive. And, so, I am cognizant of some megahertz flux encrypted in the ether and of a premise of chance in our being and awaiting one another yet still. Because, it is in this vacant place of wandering now and then emotive in the mute of dusts and times forlorn, that, seen midst chance whence a dream might be; simply: time presides. So; in abandon of sorts both mine and yours, and while thankful for the calm; I find I must write to my audience through the RAM spin and terabyte telephone weft of a trillion telegraph ticker tape readers waiting.

Now, it has been that for these decades passed I have waited here in this cloister hermitage of place and mind in isolation. And, I seem to have rarified and refined my truths and thesis sufficiently to see them en absentia amidst the process of finding them. So, if the essence of truth then is the process of finding it; then I very much hope to be by her side soon. Because the corollary to truth seems to be it’s value or valuation by it’s perceiver, or by additional perceivers. And, as such, to see the continuum and know that you are seeing it has value in its being shared through matrimony and community.

However, as my logic here suggests; waiting in time for that elusive thesis that has no antithesis, and which transcends the arguments prescribed for the saved, simply needs flesh to sustain it. And that, of course becomes a biological truth of being propagules amidst the reality perceived. Such; that time together begets the progeny of continuing the perception which is now understood.