Boppy writing about Booj’s and his own service:

My dad was a flight surgeon in the Pacific during World War II.  He treated fighter pilots and B24 pilots and crews.  He was with them as they moved from island to island. The name of Father O’Callahan has been very familiar to me since my childhood. My dad tried ( perhaps because of his experience) to get me out of the Navy in the 11th hour, as I was graduating from the Cross with my Commission.  He brought together orthopedic surgeons with X-rays and medical reports on the osteo myelitis in my right knee to say that I was unfit for service.  Long story short I refused to allow my dad to stop me from serving.   In the end I signed a waiver protecting the Navy from any responsibility for my bone cancer and any resultant limitations. I had had multiple surgeries on my right leg as a 12 year old but I had very few continuing issues.  I was proud that I was able to persist with being able to serve.  I must say however that my sense of self glorification was a bit shaken when one of the Holy Cross NROTC Chief Petty Officers called out to me on a day I was visiting the campus, before I left for my first orders.  He yelled “Flynn you tried to get out”.  I remember that I barely reacted and just said no Chief you’re wrong. Many years later,  after proudly serving on the LST Washtenaw County(1166)in Vietnam’s rivers and contiguous waters and then with a Beach Master Unit, I thought who else believed the lie that I “tried to get out” and who was the first to speak the horrible untruth.  I know many did try to avoid service,  but I did everything I could to serve.  It is one of the greatest honors of my life to have been a Navy Officer and to have served our country in Vietnam.   God bless the US Military