Cecilia Elizabeth; the greatest effort I can make pertaining to the achievement of our future, and of the meeting we’ve planned, is to invite you to join me in my studies of the USA. It’s been wonderful writing to [you at Camp Pendleton] since November.”

Hispano Mozarabic Rite Ideation


Cecilia Elizabeth; Native Americans, French, British, US, and Spanish people in the Americas, and also the nations of each group, formulate a colonial era cultural basis (circa 1776) for what I pray you agree is one temporal beginning to our shared thesis. The subsequent Union federalization of the USA via the Civil and Indian campaigns seems horrific yet requisite in light of the future enmity that was to be found in Germany and the USSR; just as Monroe had warned against. Of necessity then; enforced against France and Spain. Thus, the Spanish campaign’s enforcement of doctrine which followed the civil and Indian campaigns, as premonished by the Lincoln Douglas debates, seems difficultly duplicitous; despite the fact that Spanish Territory made the US Navy a global force. I’m looking forward to our agreed upon meeting at Hartford’s Spanish American War Memorial.