Cardiac Tarhe CH 64

I, of all people, was asked; “Why do Republican Senators constantly vote against medical research funding?”

I said; “Because their constituents don’t get the care in rural America.”.

It’s like the environment. “Why do Democrat Senators vote to support the consumer (driven) economy, dismantle the USFS housing lumber production capacity, and support organic and no till fodder production of their NY Strip steaks?”

What about mobile catheterization labs to begin with? Stents save lives. Modular laboratory and surgery capacity? A network of places turned field hospitals so that Republicans can feel comfortable voting for medical spending? Paint the Tarhe’s blue if necessary, all while remembering paper, syringes and gauze can move more slowly in trucks. Think like a scatter plot map externality. Not urban centers yet maybe census data points where heart trouble is found in distant rural places still only hours flight from Denver or Des Moines.