The following photographs include several works of mine which were or are being done in cooperation with other carpenters. The story might be variably defined as mathematical or as being a biometric forest mensuration tale from the USA’s northeastern deciduous forest and beyond.

Square Rule Trigonometric Bracing in a Mortice and Tenon Oak Timber Frame with Hemlock Joists and Rafters in common configuration.
Euclidean Geometry,
Pythagorean Trigonometry
and then Newtonian Calculus if necessary.
I should have used the compass to scribe a circle with a radius from the the origin at the intersection of the corner to corner lines.
Making a canvas frame and stretching the canvas.
Cabinetry hinge bore. Calibration assessments between marker jig and drill bit jig complete.
Carpentry and canvass stretching for oil painting
Clamping mock-up for splined and glued butcher’s block with groove for fluids.