Paradigm Adherence’s Price.

The strangest aspect of it was that by virtue of my obedience to compulsion I in fact succeeded too greatly in approaching the olympics. Thus, in doing as commanded it became unbelievable to all that I would step away from my ox heart’s task in my effort to escape the UMass false thesis of love. Yet, additionally, there is nothing in the wilderness other than potential.

Admittedly my brain injury, unbeknownst to all, inclusive of myself, was causal of my being abused. I could not have wanted other than University! Blessings to all my cruel and uncaring compatriots. When there is only one greatness… individual, forgotten town, state structured tasks, the globally dominant federation; then what of other than that prescription? And, from whence this omniscient script?

In retrospect I feel the diagnosis of an irreversible, incurable and degenerative brain disease was harsh, despite the fact that I now understand completely that I was maimed by a navy veteran in 1994. Thus, my compulsory service has been a duplicitous combination of a selective service obligation to the 1862 Morrill Act state systematics. Then; to an articulation of Confederal Connecticut in the context of the “void relative to place” under the Morrill Act regionalism specificities: curing an exodus of healthy youth.


And, therefore, reclusiveness has become my behavior despite suffering and confusion being initially identified as a fear or paranoia. There is something about being an externality to your zone. It is as though the pervasive television mantras truly induce a murderous opposition between a universal dichotomy of prescribed arguments of affirmation and negation binary team mentalities. What can knowledge do other than conceal itself and hide. Kill Red! Kill Blue! As you can see, my brain injury makes me terrified of antagonized countrymen with bayonets and amputation saws.

Somehow I learned much in college. A cartographic perspective of the earth and the earthen, including water, vegetation and rock. Yale psychiatry treatment has been my unaccredited federal masters and PhD in Union expansion the likes of the Trapdoor Springfield Saint sequence.

I began with with the Pacific Rail Act’s 1862 contemporaneousness to Morrill and Homestead and with the subsequent expansion of that rail then the Eisenhower era road infrastructure. Such study has taught me to see the winning global paradigm for the American oil age of the last 200 years from the negotiated acquisition of the US interior to the restructuring of Wahhabi, Suni, Shi’a Islam. All this has happened in this most recent bicentennial of the epoch of Christ.

I value my conjoined visions of both biometric island biogeographical wildlife virological speciation and mutagenesis and then that of liquid bio carboniferous fuels depletion based transportation sector collapse as they threaten the destruction of human life and vital mobility. I feel I have given my life in service of my country for good reasons.

Yet, on a personal note as an Olympic and academic conscript; I understand if I were compelled to do all of this for you my observers and readers, if there were any. However, I do not understand why I have been given no reward relative to anything I ever requested or asked for during the processes of my various conscriptions. To have done everything I was ever asked and to have “never served” except for as being the eternally negated, denied mind, person and speech of an SSA beneficiary schizoaffective with no wife to live with me for the remaining 40 years of degenerative, incurable and nonterminal disease is a theological type of pain.

Quarantined 2020

Since Czolgostz, Influenza and Germany it’s been roughly a century. Reality says that Chinese collectivization sans Levitical foods is both a different paradigm with different infrastructure and yet also that it’s the new world order’s point of origin for invasive species from mollusks and insects to viruses. Add the fact that these systems and their connectedness are fueled with bio carboniferous fuels derived from some primarily geospecific regional aspects of the geopolitical scene. Yes, bugs, algae and specieating virological zoonoses genomics flows out of Asia on ships and containers, yet, wildlife biology is an earth day hike to most.


My question is about whether it is best for science to remain formulaic and alphanumeric. Compartmentalized. Have the nonlevitical peoples beyond Christendom inoculated themselves inadvertently or is COVID tearing apart the dense collective lives of Eurasian housing blocks? At times I feel no one realizes the limitrophes of our perspectives regarding our educations and vantages of the world. I am reduced to dead reckoning and postulations of what might aerosolize or exist as some residual film within the microscopic realms of moth swarms escaping from shipments of Christmas chestnuts*. Island Biogeography Theory speaks of vector transfer across spatial limitrophes of temporally defined geospatial place. Yet, while we could speak of dermal or membrane transgression, what are the limitrophes of biomes and continents, or buildings and organismic populations within a world of infinite transportation logistics?

Thinking longer term: what will we see of the two great competing infrastructural theories after organic fossil fuels are fully displaced and diluted into atmospheric solute? It may be that the final sustainability of the world will be an anthropocentric genesis of new and often man made biomes; Great Plains cultivation systems, population centers with medical capacity and turbine manufacturing, a fiscal theory dissemination island, old Europe, and the Great Leap Forward’s blast into this here future of manufacturing collectivism. Yes, perhaps, there are ideations of wilderness amidst our burgeoning human civil biometrics. Yet, can we at least begin to see membranes and route vessels defining and connecting something like organelles within a body of the human constructed earth?

A living planet is defined how? And for what purpose? Arising is some still fictional civilization of trillions of sapients on multiple planets perhaps. Today and now, however, I remind you all to think increasingly of our collective viability as this age of bio carboniferous locomotion and transported species and genomics strengthens upon finite and known definitive pockets of the organic residue of ancient sunlight. Some life force from the sun photosynthesizes into our physical selves. We will need to keep these systematics alive as we build our interconnected megalopolises.

*I once bought about $50 worth of purportedly viable flower seeds from half a dozen different supplier origin points and none of the wildflowers, wisteria, or Boston ivy grew, making me wonder about irradiation of organic material in freight systems.

Eurasian Swamp

The troubling thing isn’t exactly the philosophical difference between Bolshevik or Trotskyist ideology or the justification for CIA efforts to split the eastward Soviet-Sino migration of ideations and infrastructure. The problem is that America won’t, doesn’t or can’t realize the poison of archetypal sexual perversion in it’s theoretical class conflict context. Nor can any entity publicly stand against perversion as it seeps from that fundamental theoretical premise of the red century. The problem is that the USA has fallen left and won’t stand for multiracial and multiethnic decency and honor. America is busy dragging down holy matrimony between a man and a woman and the biotic reality of the faith based sacrosanct act of bringing children into the world and raising them in a biometric world in progression towards heaven. The politics of this great nation are now besieged by socialist methodology which confounds our own great message of Christian diversity and inclusion. Is holy matrimony illegal in the USA?

Megalomaniacal Ethos

Anyway, my schizoaffective mood disorder brings on my iPhone WordPress megalomania sometimes. As you might expect, my scything word wields a power to reap the bounty of my dominion above, upon and within the earth and its seven seas. My impending Lenten gravitas upon this winter solstice day is always more unfathomable than upon previous notable risings of the sun. Today, my capricious sign similarly begins to rise amidst its stellar confine beneath the southern horizon, and proceeds into the duplicitous nature of my natural conflicts while I consider the perils of an impasse in certain decisions amidst our finite earthen resources’ depletions and a burgeoning global populace of hungering souls.

Through the Screen…

Yet, usually, however, I am pretty cool and wish a beautiful woman would take me for slow and easy hand holding nature walks so that I might demonstrate my ability to explain Linnael Latin taxonomic biometrics in their geological and limnological contexts. These are a debatably recapitulatory sequential perpetuation of all life within its humanistic taxonomic descriptions of structured evolution. Those descriptors then are: Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. And, the term organic comes to mind for most of the scenery of our stroll which surrounding our earthly presence is of substance other than that compromised of rock or sky. I, simply, you can imagine, want to stroll along discussing the nature and composition of life. I need to walk and explain to some potential wife who has openly agreed to be courted; that the ecosphere is a thin layer above miles of geological horizon leading to molten iron and that we stand beneath a nitrogenous blue refraction which from beneath the pure sunlight is seen to hide the infinity of heaven. And that heaven, after all, is the concern as we stand, as though shepherds, upon this earth.


Having here waited thus far, I have now taken to saying we are within an age of oil which itself is within an epoch of Christ. There seems apocalyptical upheaval as bio carboniferous fuels near depletion. Also, by some limitrophe of Pentateuchal truths the levitical prescription of Moses for agronomy did not reach Asia. There, sequential genomic anomalies have risen into zoonoses and spread over the earth in premonition of the seven last plagues, and of the final days.

I have grown weak and defeated by this vision of an earth beyond my control. I want to take a walk with my wife. I only have the strength for courtship now.

Considering Picasso

An Early Picasso Work

Re: disability: I was capable of a 55:05 5k freestyle swimming and now my best is 300yds with open turns. I suppose disability is relative, yet many people can’t swim a 200 and they aren’t disabled. I say consider early and late Picasso. I can’t swim 200 at my 5k pace, and, I should add, it’s not exactly my body, it’s my mind. I can’t paint all that well and there are no early works of mine.

Here’s the point: whether art or science, I believe disease should be tracked and participated in not only by doctors and medical staff yet also by the patient.

Later Work by Picasso

I have only what I publish at and my index card file cabinet is empty despite years of medicated study; crazy, strange or even offensive as my notes about things like 9/11 might have been as I experienced my first decade of illness and sublimation from 1998 on. And it wasn’t easy graduating from UMass by 2004 with my bachelor of science in natural resources and the environment.

I’m not saying abstraction is the only way. I’m saying that I for one didn’t anticipate much of my present when I thought I controlled my past. And, the future therefore remains my fantasy.


On a river boat knots mark depth ‘tween fix and set for dead reckoning to the river bottom, and further reckoning of speed in knots and of turbidity in the brown water of amphibious craft. Namely, the historic riverboats of Mark Twain in the Mississippi and, landing craft and ships of class LCM, LST, LPD and LSD. Samuel Clemens’s stories of the Muddy Mississippi explain names like LSD 47 “The Gator”.

Mark Twain House, Hartford, Connecticut

And, thus, though more complicated, is the same premise for inclination towards stellar evidences and the thence approximate derivations of the Newtonian vortice scholiums. Marking distance ‘tween set and fix, dead reckoning to heaven, proximal to you, Cecilia. I love you.

Landing, contemporaneously.

The actual conquistador Cortez killed Atahualpa and 30,000 Inka people, in the name of the Spanish crown and Jesus Christ; utilizing 17 horses and 111 men, steel armor, swords, black powder firearms, and, coincidentally it is said, virological aspects they possessed immunity to.

My wild sci-fi postulates that a temporal flux capacitated LPD be sent back in time with an LCM space time reconfiguration team. Somewhere in the story is a strikingly beautiful Latina.

Biblical Virology

Compare and contrast the Tanakh: Leviticus 11 with Fenby’s Modern China; Chapter 21 “Famine and Retreat”.

Zoonoses being the issue of today, Germany’s Marx, whose theory propagated along the quiet of the eastern front, might be responsible for perhaps 100,000,000 Russian and Chinese deaths all tolled, compared to approximately 7 million Jews whom Hitler murdered.

Infrastructural realities of latter twentieth century North America and Eurasia differ. Model housing, industrial and agronomical civil design and systems differ perhaps primarily due to FDR’s establishment of Wahhabi Saud as source point for liquid fossil carboniferous fuels in terms of the possible, and according to that century’s debate over public versus private domain in theoretical terms. Infrastructure possibilities. Infrastructure theories.

Simply: The systematic failure of communitarian collectivization and its pertaining civil and theoretical communist reality has been exacerbated by a non Levitical food supply paradigm that has caused the petri dish agriculture collectives to generate most notably the H5N1 virology and now the global plague of COVID.


I postulate that we all say stupid stuff. Yet, recourse to abstraction amidst scientific acuity is of valid concern.

This hypothesis here shall further suppose that only by connecting computer radiotelephones to our left brains, at the aspect corresponding to Wernikes center of speech in the right hemisphere, will we realize the contextual ignorance of our vantage amidst our personal societies within the 1862 Morrill act’s subsequent precedent and the megaloptical urban suburban H. sapiens housing construct; beyond the perimeters of which are only the stupid republicans who hurt the environment in efforts to sustain the multitudes; and mountain people zombies.


What is a psychotropicly indoctrinated inferior and subordinate of the United States military?

Strigiform Scientific

Why would the Navy psychotropicly teach a civilian that they were beneath and subordinate to the military, and cause a resultant $15 million dollar psychiatric pharmacology procedure to be required across a twenty six year timeframe?

Public Health Psychiatry Thesis:

Crop duster delivery systems, civil limnological potability infrastructure and also civil and vehicular/container HVAC as pertaining to public health psychiatry regarding solute/aerosol phase pharmacological tonnage distribution, as well as powders and residues in mass; and this therefore having corresponding MHz range video radiotelephone syndication or workplace music licensure and copywriting corporate law and electrical engineering concerns regionally and as a vector sequence topography of delivery points dispersed from the original point sources?


Rail and container freight entomological hematology, herbivory and virology of statistically fecund host reproductive populations in transfer realities of variably viable and unviable invasive species populations in bovine, porcine and poultry herd and flock health encephalopathy cases where zoonoses or toxicity into H, sapiens may occur in multiple vector borne virology mutagenesis and virological excretion toxicity scenarios in the field or in the human and nonhuman anthropocentric food supply?