ISAP? Islamic State in Arabia and Persia? Anyone? GSMP? Geological Substrate at Market Price? I don’t think the acronyms bother anyone due to any science of precision acronym generating logic. The point is that Arabia and Persia can, one would think, be a pan-Islamic state comprised of the theological triumvirate of Wahhab, Suni and Shi’a sects, and thereafter; what does the world care so long as the geological substrate is available on world markets. Yet, people may need until Inauguration Day to forget about Osama and the Taliban up in the belly of Russia. We’re apparently abandoning Trumpian Persia policy and the Green Zone anyway, right? It’s as though there’s nothing like asserting an ideology, or yielding to it, after you’ve defeated it and it’s competent WWII era military might.

Let the sectarian factions of Wahhabi, Suni and Shi’a Islam (WaSSI) all win together as regional television depicts the likes of the effigies that Muhammad himself prohibited! Burkas off! Public acceptability of female visages and voices! Idolatry on television and in mosques? And, it’s Christmas time in Iraq! Dig into Abrahamic verse and we find similarities like Leviticus 11 (Good for preventing zoonotic virology)

Which, of course, brings into view the long term concern of competitive CPEC market access to the region’s geological substrate as previously mentioned. Essentially; what is the difference between there being an illegal monopolist of world ambulance, police car and school bus fuels such as Saddam Hussein, compared to a CPEC China, Iran and Pakistani partnership commandeering market share of substrate resources via law, pipelines and consumer goods based capital.

Here we have an idea of Chinese manufactures versus the USA’s dry bulk ore and grains, and pharmaceuticals trade as the required direct trade for bio-carboniferous fossil fuels and alkaloids regionally within the Suni and Shi’a worlds primarily. We know organic chemicals like diesel and aviation fuel are finite. No one is saying US China trade and relations should go away. It is simply that if proven reserves will be depleted within a quantitative definition of thirty years of opec controlled extraction rate -via price regulation, then the more comprehensive US transportation sector should probably get it’s twenty plus years. Realities of approaching and proceeding beyond terminal depletion requires a separate essay. Theocracies are old school. Where do the natural resources go?

B24, Tin Can.


The technologically superior Luftwaffe was defeated by the USAAF due to phenomenon outside of Western Europe. It might be said in retrospect that coal liquification patents traded to Germany prior to WWII inadvertently distracted German command into believing that the Atlantic theater was the Appalachian mountains versus the Ruhr and Saarland.

Vanderbilt and Rockefeller

However, by the approximate time of liquid bio-carboniferous fuels depletions in Pennsylvania in particular, Texas had become the source of liquids and derivatives such as aviation fuels.


Yet, by a phenomenon of FDR’s presidency, Semitic politics and their pertinence to the Middle East; Zionism and Wahhabism took form.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Regarding the B-24 and USAAF air superiority in Western Europe; Wahhabism became foundational for the House of Saud as an anthropocentric version of Islam legitimizing the conquest of nature for natural resources exploitation.


Texas crude still can be said to have won WWII with Wahhabi Saud held in reserve and being of diplomatic potential through the subsequent development of the Marshall plan and its foundations of Cold War civil paradigms.


Osama, the 27th son of the Laden Sultanate harem, took issue with the fracture of Arabia into Wahhabi from Suni Islam in service of the USA, and desired a unified pan-Islamic state instead of the three versions of Islam (Wahhabism, Suni and Shi’a).

George W. Bush

Oilfield construction activity undertaken by entities such as Halliburton and Laden has pertained to the WWII B-24 defeat of Nazi Germany as well as to the model housing and other civil paradigms of the competing US, Soviet, and Sino methodologies.

Returning; a reemergence of the original WWII chemical technology of coal liquification is at issue considering the fuels chemistries inflexibilities of an estimated 98% of all global vehicles, vessels and craft. Terminal depletion of geological substrate formations of liquid organic carboniferous fossil fuels looms within decades.

DNA In Human and Evolutionary Time

“Recapitulation Epochs”

The following is mythical abstraction followed by several questions related to temporal aspects of the evolutionary genetic morphology of interconnected symbiotic and competing species; progressing through a speciation time period and having a corresponding aspect within their DNA. This essay is an attempt to isolate an idea and to postulate the possibility of definition of speciation as being visible as a time of biometric divergence which both occurred and which was also mapped in the genetic code of the pertaining species(‘) specific DNA. Then, questions arise regarding common, inter species “epochal” strand segments which transfer or facilitate the transfer of zoonoses.

Tree of Life

Animalia: Re: novel zoonoses

ArchAEopteryx: H5N1, COVID19 evolutionary connection. SnakeBird flu (novel to sapiens)

AEsculapius: Dr. father of AEgle, his staff: Caduceus with serpent brood and wings.

DAEdalus, Pioneer of flight.

Icarus: Man of faith.


Re: Recapitulation:

Are the “phylogenetic histories” of the recent evolutionary viral sequences some type of “archaeopteryx/Hominidaes sapiens” DNA sequence unity point pathogen? (common genetically to Hominid, ornithological and herpetological sequence similarities and relative to a singular definitive phylogenetic origin)

Is the virology from China an ontogenetic stem sequence… at the recapitulation point of fetal similarity between say where eukaryotic life becomes Animalia or/through to vertebrates and to a post vertebrae locale prior to the Mammalia / Aves divergence (?)

Do DNA sequences have linear beginnings and ends?

Do synthesized proteins form in a similar temporally linear way relative to linear temporality within a strand of DNA/RNA? (Do proteins grow in co-linear form relative to a linear aspect of a RNA sequence?

Does evolutionary time possess linear congruence to the recapitulation aspect of individual and collective life’s progression and genetic evolution; with a common strand sequences at the base which then has extinctions and speciation breaks; in a branching evolutionary trajectory/spread/dispersal of life?

Partitions of Arabian and Persian Theological Ideations

The following essay is a commentary on a Brookings Institution article link presented here:

Why is Saudi Arabia finally engaging with Iraq?
“Early Persia”

I think the linked article is wrong because in truth Wahhabist Saud separated itself more from the rest of Suni Islam than Shi’a; as a result of FDR’s USAAF fuels procurement for the purposes of defeating the Luftwaffe. Iraq, a purportedly pure Suni remnant of the formerly theologically united Arabia, and thence forward isolated in northern Arabia; has always opposed Iranian Shi’a Islam; even prior to a Wahhabi Saudi partition of southern Arabia away from the previously Suni Arabic world; which left Suni Iraq to oppose Shi’a Iran alone. Basically, that meant an abandoned north Arabia (Iraq) against all of Persia (Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, etcetera). Yet, I just saw an early map of Persia which included north Iraq and thus perhaps defined Arabia then as approximately the Fertile Crescent and the Arabian peninsula. Thus, I now question my definition of the border between all of Arabia and all of Persia as being definitively the Iran Iraq war zone. I still believe that Wahhabism basically partitioned Saudi Arabia away from the rest of Arabia. Yet, does that mean that the Iran Iraq war was Persia attacking what was left of Arabia when Saud had converted to Wahhabism? Finally, though Laden sought a pan Islam, I think the answer to the article’s question of why is Saudi Arabia involving itself with Iraq is that the anthropocentric and resource exploiting permissiveness of Wahhabism is now applicable for a primary theological premise during reservoir exploitation north of the kingdom. The only concern might be a question of whether or not a new Wahhab Shi’a paradigm will conflict with with a pan Islamic idealism. Perhaps the Ladenesque ideation of a unified Suni Shi’a theocracy can be shifted towards the House of Saud’s Wahhabist land use strategy as efforts to exploit Bio-Carboniferous reserves proceed towards final depletion and strategic planning for the end of the petroleum age.

“Arabia” (Unknown Date)
Note the Verdant Tigris and Euphrates Valleys

Age of Energy

Transportation’s temporal ethnobotanical and otherwise biometric flux of molecular organic and relative elemental substance, and the impacts of said flux, within the context of our USA’s and Global history; are indicative of what is now evidently a utile “age” of primarily American bio-carboniferous energy consumption; having both a beginning and an end within an “epoch” of Christ which may or may not transcend the Cenozoic “era”.

Iron Rail Spike Cross

Dead Tree in the Window

Here in Connecticut, the dead tree in the window speaks of yonder attacks. Whilst the emerald ash borer has invaded similarly to other insects and funguses, few invasive possess the aptitude for devouring eastern deciduous forest, and, much less frequently are these types of super pests, amongst countless invasive failures which never gain substantive footholds, found to infest regions with their alimentary tracts stuffed with other species: viral species.

Lyme and Rabies virus both travel within the guts of Animalia; both insects and mammals. Hematological ticks and all species of mammals are vector host sequences for rabies, which effectively will make mammalian victims die while hydrophobically dehydrating as though on a peyote trip; in the woods or at the hospital. Cook your venison well if imbibing wild northeastern blood is acceptable to you. The Lyme disease spirochete causes severe and prolonged aches and pains, and, after decades of the impossibility of purging it from neurological system; psychosis.

Never mind stories about the Plum Island Chupacabra which also escaped from the New York Island’s DHS CDC laboratory. And, further, classical conditioning of entomological social insect species experiments in ultraviolet apiary scenarios is merely a concept presently. Mendelian traits of social dispersal in mind.

Yet, in mentioning science beyond the traditional scope of science; I wonder if the tree outside my window is dead due to what I know and fear. It would be possible on site to use a bark spud to strip bark off this and other local trees. Doug Moore at Moore’s sawmill has a spud. Then further if the Emerald Ash Borer has been devouring vascular cambium, it’s ravenous tracks would statistically tend to exist on a dispersed harvest/salvage data set of 16’ or so logs. Yet even if felling a half a dozen American Ash trees in Bloomfield yielded no such evidence, and in stead vernal inundation two years ago led to the die off: the USFS says the Ash Borer is destroying America’s prized major league baseball bat source ash trees. Now consider Lyme:

In the northeastern deciduous forest, multiple entomological and fungal invasions have established themselves on this continent. There seems need to utilize the aforementioned statistical method to assess the forest mensuration of the northeast for not only known Plantae and Animalia, yet also for invasive fungal and viral presences; whether in some postulated entomological symbiosis or not.

My apologies I have no further time to edit this.

Capricious Bovidae Migrator

Tonight, under Ursa Major Bear; Coyote has met with me in the frigid darkness. Leo, perhaps, has declinated west northwest. This Canid latrans yelps and barks, yet doesn’t howl. In Western MA and Southern VT, – BOVIDAE MIGRATOR SINCLAIR – took the incapricious dairy bovids to WI and the fiber ungulata bovids went to Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont before moving them on to CO/WY and New Zealand… All of this happened when prominent botanical fibers ceased to be available at Lowell and Biddeford. Leather made the dirty water… and contemporaneously, RELOCATOR rustled OK bovidae to rail with the unpommeled lariat which took the bovids to the High Line in Manhattan for slaughter. For a strip, the MARASCHINO TRIBESMAN took metals and their technologies and moved them East with the lode hauling cable car repurposed to carry New England children to mountain tops as though ore

Under Inclined Northern Star.

Starlight tonight with our now approaching December chill of 2020. The perpetual constancy of Polaris, amidst the magnetic flux of declination purportedly only mad north by northwest and here relative to the said celestial beacon to travelers seems to me to be miraculously steady if yet this solstice Capricorn is here to rise into our cold; as the warrior Orion arcs spectrally across this northern hemisphere’s southern horizon. Yet, this perpetual opposition to tropical tilt be not the said arc of Orion, though he wander, yet rather specifically thus it’s said rigidity, axial, under star, tilting of tropics pondered hence: under this inclined northern star; these vectors from the proximal sun, altered though that star stay true? So, position fixed upon the globe, how, relative to this eternal Polaris, could a contradictory swing of the tropical climes occur? One point north and tropical shift? How? Further, thence to yield unto the sun causation for the seasonal flux of thermal and hydrological forces which dry the autumn ground at rut and later inundate any vernal wetlands with the warming of the ice and snow. And, to quantify that flux, said, which thus must melt the chill midst heat and cold from proximal sun? A difficult question. Recall: a constant Polaris. And, again, the simultaneous equatorial shift? (When the wind blows South, I know a hawk from a handsaw) So, with winter chill upon me and energy of heat in mind, I ponder my fortune under the ever constancy and flux dynamics of the swirling heavens and think of my extraordinary luck, wondering does the constellation of such a goddess as I now envision, perhaps akin to Libra now above, lift my humors, steady my pulse, arriving as promised to fill this land with lore, accompany me, and save my soul. I can not avoid these thoughts of forces in the heavens. I land my boots upon this shore in wonder and awe awaiting her accordingly. Impacting upon me force of light and gravity, celestial being, starry night.

Adieu Confederal Yankee

The Morrill Federal Confederal debate on matrimony and love in our United States’s Department of Education policy structure precedent continues to confound me.

I hold deep respect for people who choose love. I had tried to do so in what I hadn’t then known was the weakness of youth. Then, injured, I suffered and wandered for decades. It has been the federation, however, which has given me liberty.

Metaphorically, one might speak of heterogeneous or homogenized croplands withstanding failure and blight and any resultant regional famine. Morrill’s integrated scalar network paradigm of our federal systems has proven superior to autonomous subsistence, as intended, perhaps specifically now in light of comparable global paradigms and their biometric failures.

So, now upon a pivotal instant in my life I look back at the places I’ve been from, and I do so with heart and gratitude. And, in comparison to my youthful paradigms; I here say that I believe in our federal government more and more now. And, by some indescribable power of ascendency I have now been smitten.

Wildernesses of Science

I’m feeling abandoned and lonely today during this 2020 viral epidemic. I was wondering if anyone from the FDR era is still alive and in an iron lung from polio. My brain disorder has made me primarily bedridden for much of the 22 years since the blessing of my psychiatric diagnosis led to this psychiatric, neurological and psychological prescription for alleviating all but the cause of my melancholy. However, I landscaped today.

Nearly exactly a century ago; our last influenza was in 1918 at the time of the Armistice. Medicine can be difficult to understand across the spatial and temporal aspects of biometric mensuration. Within my morphological paradigms I’m now often confronted by ideas like the thought of Yale and Harvard’s Dr. Marc Plotkin’s “Amazonian psychotic climbing beetle disease” in a comparative context with Plum Island DHS National Laboratory and it’s Lyme Disease host/vector virological zoonoses psychosis scenario; as well as Pasteur’s earlier canid zoonotic virology vaccine research in France. I think “Mad Dog” and “Rabies” with “Vampire Bat Hematology”. I rest, yet am restless and thirsty. I have nightmares about bizarre statistical externalities and the entomological aspects of zoonotic dispersals: potential airborne entomological vector species such as murder hornets and their potential to carry zoonotic viral species within their flying exoskeletons.

Yet, the presence of ecoli in my Levitical meat science research only exemplifies statistical improbability as though in scenarios like escherium coli there might be a second ailment of zoonotic potential known to the USDA. Somehow, evasive, food borne, yet, entomologically prokaryotic, also unknown to public health at UConn and Yale. And, I’ve followed Bayer Monsanto’s attempts to unite. Universal Healthcare… so lonely… so divided. Leviticus to bat.