The cloister has no gate for thieves.
Nothing can be stolen from within.
There is only a lamp, a desk, a window.
For moonlight, wind, rain.

The cloister has an iron cross.
Forged and welded; seeing ferrous ages pass
For moonlight, snow and sunrise.

I welcome her to enter; vow or vows to take. Beneath, beyond, above the signal.

Ordinal, abscissal: coordinate planes An idea of transcendence. Inner vortice to biometric storm.

Armillary Henge Reconnoiterer

Attention armillary henge builders:
Winter solstice beckons on December 21, 2020 as Capricorn rises.

A henge marks sunrise and sunset on solstices and equinoxes. An armillary sphere models the tracks of the zodiac constellations across the heavens. Both are optimally pertinent to a specific geophysical point. Requisite for construction of an armillary henge at such a point, then, is thence through the year and thus therefore reviewed annually heretofore two reckonings on each of four here Gregorian days. A dead reckoning from the center point of the henge is therefore from that fixed location of the fix determined as being suitable for years of observations. Thus, therefore thence may there be a specific place for such as Newtonian Vortice Scholiums.

Sir Isaac Newton

And, thus, also the dead reckoning of relative rise and set headings, inclinations and arcs from this said fix applicable to ages are advisable at sunrise and sunset upon this solstice day and thence similarly twice upon vernal equinox and summer solstice each, and, also therefore twice upon the autumnal equinox. (see: Hippocrates Also, rise, set and arc of lunar orbit if possible. Aspects armillary, such as Polaris, Bear, Leo, Libra, Orion, Scorpio, etcetera; at the point of said dead reckoning, might also have headings and inclinations recorded in accordance with their arcs proximal to the dead reconnoiter point. I might add that henge and armillary design seem sculptural and organic to me. Yes, geological and metallurgical yet silvicultural and arboreal. I see botanicals like ivy, and it all becomes as a warren for a lagomorph, with ungulates and fowl.

Of Vortices and thus their pertaining Scholiums

Of course blessings be when this the object of perfection appears within these vortices unto me; as demonstrably heavenly.


Top Down; 1812, Mexican, Civil, Indian, Spanish
Napoleon Bonaparte

1812. Ambassador Franklin gives Tolstoy a thesis.

Mexican. An issue of frontier planning?

Civil. Assertion of superpower structure?

Indian. Extirpations?

Spanish? Douglas defeats Lincoln?

Alfonso El Africano
Lincoln, Douglas, Roosevelt, Davis

Overrunning former empires.

Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Lincoln, Davis, Morrill, Rockefeller, Roosevelt, McKinley, Czolgostz

Mr. Morrill until the plan is changed?


!!Work in progress:

Studying descriptions of heaven and a specific heavenly body perchance hath necessitated thus: Conjugate diameters, or radiuses, pertaining to the vectors towards orbits of said heavenly body and it’s ellipse; if possible in the fashion of an armillary sphere; while being proximal to each other in a henge:

Ideation from Newton’s natural philosophy Book One: here amidst our geocentric vortex (relatively speaking not heliocentric) It should be said that in [11] days, on the December 21 2020 winter solstice, and a month since Saint Cecilia’s day (Roman Missal p.1999); that the rise of Capricorn and the beginning of winter could, during observation, be marked accordingly as an east southeasterly vector from set, at sunrise, with arc of elipse described in armillary style, to the then west southwest vector towards any latitudinal deviation from here cardinal East then West. (remember: “lat is flat”)

A specific dead reckoned fix then becomes a henge marker and point along this vector to the distant fix at the sun at sunset, from a set point at the center of a postulated henge, which when it also has a longitude noted according to Greenwich mean and is directed at the sunrise and subsequent sunset: should thus be marked and recorded, from the set, specifying the aforementioned vectors; for any comprehension of a henge.

The Conjugation of fix points along multiple vectors might then occur due to marking them from set to fix at sun with marks between at the radius of the henge. The sun can next be marked at the equinoxes and the summer solstice as well?

Note: The grammar above is complicated in the interest of synoptic brevity. Please excuse my algebraic grammar and formulaic syntax.

Potability in Hartford

This is Hartford’s Reservoir six. It is west of West Hartford center (Bishops Corner) which is itself west of Hartford. The picture is taken from the western shore looking east. There are several Hartford reservoirs. The civil limnological structure of cities is fascinating. I’m also interested in the silvicultural aspects of systems designs. It seems logical to believe that the water main into the city runs under Asylum Avenue, just as the Massachusetts 10 “Pike” delivers Quabbin water into Boston.

Mad for Hawks in Vortices.

Returning now to my Shakespearean electromagnetic and aqueous Vortices Scholium: Mad north by northwest I know a hawk from a handsaw and have quantified such as eyas amidst this trembling knowledge. Forces, like ghosts; shepherds to migratory skeins, as declination bends my compass off Polaris; hidden in the radiance and crystal blue. Seas and weather systems twist, hemispherically, counter-clockwise, clockwise, altitudinally and across elevations, while dead in doldrums… heating, pulling systems inward. Gyres twist the deep. Stellar armillary predictions from Grecian sculptures fail to describe the vortices or scholium origins amidst this our reality, it being not exactly zodiac orbital nor rectangular coordinates applied. And, here, devices, airborne, see the cornfields respire.

AEsculapius with Guacamole Pestle

Walking here, observing these forces, both as and amidst biometric rhythms, and, awaiting yours in presence mine; this place and places we will travel bring me to a precipice from which to peer upon the earth, air and sea. For decades I have with forces served traveling through the darkened valley. Soon, love, come joining me in what is and is to be.

It is not easy waiting. Often, scenarios unravel my plans: constructs which I’ve established to achieve your accompaniment. Yet inspiration is you to me. And, thus, I continue to dream in hopes that you might have me.

Welcome to Hartford, Connecticut. I hope you are here soon.


I want to say that my eastern seaboard education, complete with my ‘98 diagnosis and ‘04 graduation progressed through biology and into wildlife biology and then on to natural resources and the environment with considerable effort in mental health. I believe I see paradigms and paradigm shifts such as; 1812, Mexico, Civil, Indian, Spanish, Czolgostz/Imperialism/Influenza, Japan, the western and eastern fronts of Germany, Truman, Eisenhower Highway, comparative civil engineering (America/Eurasia) & Great Leap Forward/Vietnam, energy wars and now covid19 virology. The context is land use policy, structure, cartography, agronomy and environment, with significant consideration of renewable/finite resource and energy concerns relative to the ecosphere and sustainable humanity.

War and Peace

1812 Campaign Ribbon

War and Peace (Dover Thrift Editions)

Merriweather Lewis (c) 1803

After the Louisiana purchase, around the time that Napoleon was in Giza, Lewis began his expedition.

Napoleon Bonaparte

By 1812 Bonaparte was headed to Moscow.

Ambassador Benjamin Franklin

Franklin was Ambassador to France

Willhelm von Stuben

Von Stuben was Prussian

General Henry Knox

Knox commanded the construction of Fort Knox ME, yet it was never attacked.

The Naval War of 1812

Industrial Gulag Virology Farming Cooperatives

Union, really. Hartford Springfield mostly. Here I won’t divert into Spanish history as it remains a research topic. Yet, the USA annexed more than Cuba in 1898.

Guam and the Philippines led to Tonkin in ‘64 after the Great Leap Forward began to kill an eventual 45,000,000 people circa 1958 in the heart of China. US actions in Vietnam failed to stop Mao. Magnusen Stevens pertains to the South China Sea and Tonkin.

It’s infrastructural. One could say “Justin Morrill’s War” started building a Levitical grid and the next century a KGB CCP cooperative built the gulag Petri dishes that bred COVID19.

Comparative civil engineering in model housing, transportation, industry and agronomy. Is this all proximal civil purposing or Leviticus 11 (Tanakh precedent)