And, Richard Nixon certainly is a hero of mine. Soviet and CCP pogroms in Eurasia killed at least 100 million souls. Marx’s manifesto destroyed the agronomical system with a popular decree of public domain that disrupted the system and resulted in catastrophic crop failure. Initially, the KGB taught Marxism to the CCP despite CIA efforts to promote a Sino Soviet split. The USAAF after WWII and Korea was too spent for places like Tibet and laying a friendly siege on the western side of the Great Wall*. I believe that the USA turned focal places in IndoChina into moonscapes trying to demonstrate the will and fortitude to sustain containment after the breach of the Great Wall by KGB -with translations of their little red book. Essentially, however, there were no real B1 military targets within the famine war zone of central China during the greatest humanitarian disaster of the 20th century. Still I believe that the USA decided to land on mainland indochina northwest of our Philippine prize from Spain and then proceed to clear the countryside of red stars from China while never striking back, for humanitarian reasons. Overall, Vietnam was a USA naval expedition due to the time of Tonkin and Cuba amidst the Magnusen Stevens eventuality of 1976. Ultimately, however, it has been the global precedent of 30-200mile territorial waters change which has mobilized the Chinese past Sri Lanka and the subcontinent simultaneously to the Seizure of Tibet becoming the CPEC project