Fissile materiel is dense and thus massively heavy in quantities mobilized by such operative functionalities as truck convoyed uranium warhead logistical capacity dispersal. Hell yeah. So, it was odd to me in perhaps 1997 to realize myself westbound and south of the highway construction project median; with a vast grassland expanse south of my momentous set being then populated by irrigation pump fixes I’ve memorized now as substantiating the farcical nature of Aldo Leopold’s inferior Sand Hill Almanac homestead vision and the Sand Hill Crane; a species from an excavated biome now as doomed to extinction as the Grey Wolf, the Grizzly Bear and the Prairie Dog, upon the Great Plains. Temporally posterior to the extirpation of all indigenous life including the Sioux nation; for the expressly valid purpose of global dominion’s cultivation of corn and soy foods capable, we pray, of foddering bovid product for god’s people and also providing sustenance for sapient souls yet to be saved. The piles of concrete slab signified to me that the “National Defense” aspect of Eisenhower’s 1956 Highways Act was being altered relative to roadbed load bearing capacities in accordance to some aspect of fissile ore and ordinance transportation across the interior. I motored on traveling along I-80 east while looking north at the chaotic civil project, with the sun behind me as I approached the Walcott IA truck stop.

It now seems logical that hull design of Soviet ships upon St. George’s Banks and off Cuba during the Kennedy Administration may have demonstrated aspects of maritime function pertaining to the bearing of massive loads of refined fissile uranium. However, I suspect that launch facilitating elements lack the density of fissile ordinances that were perhaps transported in proximal quantities across the aforementioned concrete roadbed removal project location area. Still, the stated objectives of the USSR/Cuban civil launch capacity developments included multiple warhead launch capacity so comparison of delivery of fissile Mass by land or by sea to Cuba or by road to Massachusetts is a valid civil and maritime engineering inquiry regarding displacement of seawater or concrete over gravel when beneath a massive load.

Notable is the chaos of Czolgosz in McKinley’s guilded age conquest of Spain.

Leon was from something called anarchy just before Wilhelm II abdicated, and it may have been before Marx, but it was probably very much prior to fascism because fascism was about treaty transgression and elevating Germany again.