Collaborative Essays

Trying to Facilitate Intelligence

This page is dedicated to a participatory aspect of the Strigiform Scientific Research methodology where other authors join me and we write collaboratively or individually in accordance with simultaneous communications via other platforms, primarily Googledoc or Apple Pages. As such I will keep this introduction brief. Write to if you’d like to write collaboratively or join a collaborative essay in process and be visible at the Strigiform Scientific domain “strigsci”. The essays below are not always directly monitored by empirical methodologies within the Striform Scientific structure. Thus far, programming intends some of what follows to be entirely accessible public google documents, while other documents are for a privileged authorship. Authors will identify of their own volition.

Experimental Document

The Boppy Document Draft

Northeastern Deciduous Properties


Dee’s Bees

Botany and Horticulture

Energy and the Environment in Practical Terms

Initial Collaborative Essay

Map of Nature

Fishing: Mechanisms, Craft, Fisheries and Ecology

Helping Nicki in Uganda

Strategic USA UGANDA Plan