Hello, everyone, Please review the current progress that’s been made on writing my thesis and consider if your beliefs lead you towards wanting to help. STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC is a developing website. I am a disabled American and so microeconomic financial realities are a thing I’m often excluded from. The United States of America‘s Social Security Administration provides the funding for STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC is a research company and an idea.

I believe that liquid fossil carboniferous fuels are finite. I believe liquid fossil fuels will be fully depleted within 30 years. I believe there will be a massive transportation sector collapse that will cause war and famine. During this catastrophe, the energy requirements of the global transportation sector will begin to be obtained by liquification of anthracite and bituminous coal. Obtainment of coal for liquification will devastate time zones. Then, the filth of its combustion will kill the ecosphere. This is the apocalypse.

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