Daedalus has Landed

Joint Commendation

Just part of my collection. Hampton Roads Joint. SEAL Ranger. However, it is difficult to talk about the bicameral legislature and the red blue prescription. Mason Dixon and the Frontier isn’t Carnegie steel anymore. We walk through this ether in frequencies dissuasive of the skeins. People can not remember analog static from their grandparents youths. Now, there is only a particular cellular paradigm to believe, as we, the ten thousand, syndicate the difference between good and evil. I am Mantra Lingxiu of the lingua franca newspeak. I cannot be things that I am not and thus I have decided to be this science fiction story. This, as I trod through a vision withheld by an inexplicably normal reality; noting a flux I hope to never see descending as anything other than our prescribed normalcy. It is as though the seven letters have been sent to Asia and the few tremble in fright as reality threatens to shatter. A psychotropic classical conditioning experiment for thirty years now. Daedalus has landed. A man is seated inside the mist glass enclosure before our Senatorial leaders; weeping.