Daily Alms and Bread

Iowa versus Ukraine

I attend mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church – Bloomfield, CT and at times I feel Yalta was a precursor to the Marshall plan in a far greater substantive reality than Brandenburg. Emblematic of compromise by the subsequent world order; thinking of the conference instills in me a feeling both of being blessed, as a disabled American, by the SSA benefits I receive; whilst thoughts of such debates also cause me to notice an absence of the cross in global alms giving.

Similarly worthy of note is that the Soviet breadbasket of Ukraine is currently crippled, Chinese croplands are increasingly poisoned in their proletariat absence of a petty bourgeois EPA regulatory entity, and Italian spaghetti, like Asian ramen and subcontinent soy foods, are now, undeniably, from the American Great Plains.

I’ve heard it said, and wonder if it’s Caesar’s words I recall, that “army’s march on their stomachs”. It actually reminds me of Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”; depicting the Napoleonic army’s demise in the Russian winter. Everything, after all, depends upon foodstuffs and faith… and timber, metals, and the cloth. It’s not that I want to digress into colonial era France, it is simply that Napoleon abandoned the Louisiana territory just prior to the Deere Moldboard’s advent and proceeded to freeze to death while starving in Prussia and Russia, to sit aimlessly in Syria until 9/11, and perhaps only to gilt Versailles by chasing something in Egypt.

Perhaps the French were chasing Jacobin predecessors in the seeking of Zion, such as Theodore Herzl, whom I postulate was contemporaneous to another WWII FDR objective which was found in Muhammad Abd al Wahhab. Herzl and Zionists were instrumental in the same type of exodus that was to occur less than 200 years after Napoleon and that was by then at least in part resultant of Yalta.

Yet, in discussions of Zionism during the conference’s proposal of solutions to German antisemitism; Herzl was notably contemporaneous to when Wahhab built a premise of the conquest of nature that was to be the the footing of the house of Saud, and thus Wahhabi Saud was a compliment to Appalachian and Texan capacitance of the eventual USAAF Western European air superiority. When, a technologically superior Luftwaffe with impending jet engines was unable to liquify anthracite into aviation fuel in competition with the triumvirate of Appalachia, Texas and Southern Arabic Saudi strategic advantages.

Later, of course, once the piston fired tin can fleets and a new weapon had brought peace, Eisenhower’s 1956 Superhighway and National Defense Act caused a next phase for America. The admiralty had estimated a half million US Marines would die in the initial phases of a landing assault on mainland Japan. So, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki and after Truman halted the attack on Japan; the US Marine “Boomers” and all of the returning servicemen and women, redirected military earth moving capacities towards road and structural civil projects.

In summary: substantive raw commodities and their plenty or scarcity, entwined with modal methodologies of explaining reality, such as science and faith, are how things function. They are also the real basis of such functions. The power to move earth has gradually been changing into the transformation of matter and now into the decryption of life.

Returning to the original point, though, what political, economic, and theological methods determine, throughout history and according to modern decision making; how finite and renewable resources will be allocated globally?

Forgive me, but there are parallels in waste. HAZMAT, garbage, and effluence, for example, have gradients of gravitas in terms of toxicity at orders of magnitude descriptive of mass and volume.

We as a world must consider the inputs and outputs of humanity in an exponential scalar framework. Theorems inclusive of organelles, cells, organs, organisms, groups, populations, and eventually, in terms of biometrics, at what can now be seen as a finite ecosphere; are variously understood by sapient life.

Matter and ideations and ideations pertaining to beliefs.