Dead Set

There seems only to be obedience to applied overwhelming force. It appears I have my set here, with line of sight fixes and then somewhat apparitional fixes even at purported global range provided by my computer radio transponder systems. From this dead reckoned center, peering through my Armillary mind at various externalities, it seems that there need be either procedure or anomaly to change my set. I fear yet will obey armed officers chaining me as I am presented with the requisite official documents for my relocation. To their credit is anomaly in such chains minimized. Once torn from my home in chains mid day… what plexiglass reinforced confine will I be remanded to? What coercive actions will be affected upon me until I agree to forgo my fourth amendment right to my own person, my right to speak, and my right to remain silent?

Upon being coerced to relinquish my person to treatment; what psychotropic drugs will Yale University use to maintain me in the sublimation and sedation of decades, unable to be heard and thus never being acknowledged? And, further, in that Yale “is never wrong” about 25 years of it’s dominion over someone’s life; might my being a science fiction writer liberate me from the pure mind control pharmacotherapy industrial complex? And, by my happily proclaiming Connecticut free from any and all pharmaceutical mind control synaptic MHz induction of satellite origin molecular resonance induction that I, I am liberated from radio syndication pharmacotherapy legalities in behavioralism applied to me!

Oh to believe I am so free amidst the lord’s of federal industries throughout the USA. To be in some place where partisan demagoguery and the ever so 52/48 contention balance perfectly yet never quite achieving an overwhelming victory for either bicameral juggernaut? Like the unfortunate fall of Richmond. Africano’s abdication as foretold by Lincoln Douglas and then the abdication of Wilhelm III.

We enforce totalitarian paradigm psychiatry in the USA. Omitted are arguments about textiles, territory, Moctezuma to Tripoli, mill ownership and Federalism education as the idea of a Vermont Senator named Morrill; all amidst the preponderant Union defense proclaiming the abolitionist sentiment of white northeastern farm labor being handed Springfield Saints.

Admittedly I simply stopped watching TV years ago. “Mind Control”, right? Purveyors of the paradigm from NYC/ATL. I have fully resigned from the prescribed mathematical bimodality of Red/Blue. Bicameral government seems “to and at” the people. A coin toss you are told weather or not to quickly flip onto the back of the other hand. As a lesser man, however, I suspect most government personnel watch 2 hours a of news per day and don’t have time to read beyond their jurisdictional specificities.

Simply, I feel elevated as an SSA beneficiary. I needn’t be here nor there for employment dependent upon allegiances based on any state specific political science thesis; and I am equally free to deny the local theory’s antithesis.