Ecosphere Death Hypothesis

Finite fuels,

Transportation sector,

Terminal geological depletion of fossil carboniferous fuels stocks,

Chemical requirements of existing engine designs in existing fleets, and biofuel incompatibilities. E10/E20?

Fuels exhaustion based transportation sector collapse,

Re-engineering, re-industrialization, re-manufacturing and re-implementation… a failure scenario.

30 year liquid organic fossil fuels depletion timeframe.

Coal liquification,

Anthropocentric perpetuation of sapiens viability above other species in the long term; is the ecosphere and it’s “web of life” necessary? Is species diversity necessary?

Mechanizations in place and functional.

Chemistry specifics in energy inputs to bulk force generation by sector

Inadequate electrical engineering

Overburden: Appalachia and the Mountain Timezone.

[S] sequestered to limnological systems or diluted to the air and seas.

Scale and impossibility.

A note on the infinite economics of Bitcoin in a world of finite and renewable natural resources.

Biden ordered OPEC to increase Supply (yesterday, Friday, August 12, 2021)


China wants oil too: Tibet and CPEC

As the Solid Phase Age returns and progresses.

The WW Appalachia versus Ruhr fuels sources for Luftwaffe, USAAF, in STP, GE, Ford Motors patent dispute history and the return to liquification of anthracite and bituminous solid phase fuels for liquid phase use in vehicles and craft.

Jumping ahead to oceanographic and atmospheric acidification via [S] and [C] acids.

Reef, estuarine and maritime ecological death perpetuates and expands in acidified oceans and at limnological altitude as coal acidity returns whilst riverine ecosystems clog with effluence as populations increase/concentrate..

Stagnated coastlines alter thermodynamics of aspects of gyres?

Gyres halt?

Hydrological cycle thermodynamic flux becomes erratic?

Ocean clines gradiate absent fluid and thermal gyres energy dispersal.

Zones, depths, altitudes and latitudes exhibit extreme and rapid transformative thermodynamic niche habitat definitions and most island biogeography is impossible or fails to produce viable populations?

Heat continues to rise as biodiversity fails as a thermoregulator contemporaneous to thermoregulatory failure of stagnated oceans.

Species of cultivable crop cease to grow with aeration and all sources of plant nutrient fertilization?

Fodder, feed and human foods, textiles and forest products fail?

Famine and pestilence ensue and drastically reduce the global human population. This, in a sequence of concerns directly or by transportation sector thereby being proximal to habitations or by war?

Survivors first congregate in arable and viable biome niches as occurred in pharaonic Egypt and gradually societal networks and commercial trajectories adapt to a thermodynamically uninhabitable planet?

An eventual civil system evolves from Cold War era infrastructure and replaces the ecosphere for the few who survive, or, some life persists through the mass extinction epoch and the living are the propagules whom are foundational to new speciations in the ensuing geological time where perhaps insects and viruses are more common than ecological apex predators… or where agronomical propagation of Leviticus specified species persists?

Notably, the civil infrastructures and paradigms of eastern and western northern hemisphere civilization are divergent in premise and structure. In the east there is a form of industrial and agricultural cohabitation, while in the west, agriculture and industry is very often separated to alternate locales in accordance with the 150 year precedent since the 1862 Morrill land grant university act