Eden is the Vortice

I think I understand Galileo; who to the inquisition offered his disproof of Eden via observations of the diurnal heavens. Yet, vespertine, matutinal, and nocturnal celestial fixes upon the stars that rule the day and night; through the years, occur from one’s navigational set central to a Euclidean perimeter. They yield the primary vantage of a Henge and it’s cardinal quadrants, and point to primary fixes at pertaining solstices and equinoxes. Then, the Armillary sphere is the next step.

Scholium sketch.

It’s not much more to inclinate to stars and the most perfect of celestial bodies in orbit, as it were, surrounding ones set at the center of the Eden Henge Armillary metaphor… and to envision getting there. Thence the Newtonian scholiums of ellipses and vortices… and we return to the gravitas of the apple 🍎. Everywhere is that garden; wherever we might stand.