EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Commence Preparatory Safety and Security Measures Regarding Imminent National Collapse of All USA Sectors and Systems.

Nation Collapse Will Occur During the Imminent Terminal Fuels Depletion and Fuels Exhaustion Societal Endpoint Scenario.

1) Transportation Sector Capacitance of Virological Propagule Mutagenesis Sequence Parasite Species In Sapien as Host Predation Activities Within Island Biogeographical Dispersals of These Predatory Genomic Implantation Propagules is Occurring Now.

2) Terminal Depletion of All Sector Fuels Stocks Definitively To Be At Complete Final Endpoint Upon A Now Current Twenty Year Horizon Forecast.

3) All Finite Terminal Fuel Reserve Depletion Causation To The Strife Inevitability is Now a Current Virological Propagules Predation of Sapiens Scenario. This Reality, Coupled with The Impending Energy Source Depletion and Terminus Based Earth Sapien Societal System Viability End is Based Upon All Three Arena’s of the USA and Global Transportation Sector. Currently, Final Inevitable End of Gaseous and Liquid Phase Organic Fossilized Fuel Sources Encroaches.

4) Solid Phase Organic Fossil Terraforming Capabilities Such as Timezone Overburden Removal Actions Lack Exponential Order of Magnitude Capacity in Current Implementation Scenarios

5) Scarcity and Shortage Initiated All Sectors and Systems Collapses Will be Causal of Apocalyptical Strife, Famine and Pestilence.

6) Entire Fuels Depletion Causality Relative to the Systems and Sectors Collapse Scenario Now Exists as Truth A-Priori to The Ecosphere and Planet Death Hypothesis Which Will Likely Be Actualized in a Possible Second Sapien Extinction Wave Epoch of Coal Liquification Revival of Systems and Sectors When Fossil Carbon Displacement by Terraforming, Subsequent to a Virological Genome Flux Age Contemporaneous to the Liquid and Gaseous Fuels Shortage Timeframe Where Disease Will Drastically Reduce The Sapien Population as Fuels Unavailability Based System Collapse Exacerbates Deaths.

7) Ecosphere and Planet Death Continuum Now Likely After Inevitable Solid Phase Fossil Carbon Displacement Into Earth’s Atmosphere, as Gaseous Phase Fossil Energy Derivatives, Will Result From Requisite Transportation Sector Fuels Specific Engine Design Redesign, Remanufacture, and Redeployment Proves Impossible.

8) Contemporaneously, The Entire Electrical Grid Replacement Now Necessary for New Fleet Transportation Sector Voltage Load Bearing Capacity Before Known Organic Fossil Liquids and Proximal Gaseous Phase Fuels Stocks Are Exausted; Will Fail.

9) The Terminal Depletion Endpoint’s Statistical z-Score of Recovery Potential Will Cease Most Vital Human and Human Materiel Mobility. Contemporaneously to The Continuation of Modern Virological Gene Entropy Sapien Extinction Pressures. Then, Attempts to Perpetuate Vital Transport Functionality Via Solid Phase Fossil Combustion after Liquification of Anthracite Will in Probability Bring About the Ecosphere and Earth Death Hypothesis, Posterior to Primary Sapien Extinctions, If Sapien Populaions Posterior to Sector, System and Medical Capacity Collapse are Significant.