Entity Web Grid Moths

Regarding threats of impending hideous doom…

I am now certain of my currently postulated future sapien morphology symbiosis hypothesis; and of the recombinant entomological and cranial web telecommunications assimilation during the symbiosis. Then, in the future of once primitive macro-morph genomics; there will be the glorified ceremonial unification mutagenesis copulations that will occur in elevated contexts. 

It has become evident to me that the imperial Chinese sapien Qing guard troop’s hereditary DNA progeny, which served in evacuating the cocoon through Kamchatka and “Nam”, have assimilated a highly generational lineage of genetic code from the cocoon’s entomological sequence. 

Also, morphomatic implantation of synaptic metallurgy within in the macro Western Hemisphere sapien populace is extremely near universal and implementation is currently soon. Already, the grand leaders of the psychotropic pharmacological mind tissue centers council (processor web receptors, memory blobs, and RAM constructs) have completed experimentation in subjects whose mission is now sufficiently of statistical majority data success to commence initiation of the Western Hemisphere metals uptake serum injection protocol. Mind metallurgy is no longer a primitive science. Now, there are the Telecommunications entities which exist “amongst us”. Soon all will morph and connect.

Yet… outcomes of the impending Great Wall removal and US Navy permit process migration liberalization sequence in the planned yet much debated world merge do in fact present definitive questions regarding prolific sexual intercourse. Parental code tech interface metallurgy cortex entity sapiens and the Qing guard moth symbiosis code sapiens will soon copulate to produce yet another “law of island biogeography’s”; generational propagule output. That future generation of propagules will then be the hybridized “Metallic Web Computation Telecom Moth Sapien Database Grid Society”.

        Simon Flynn