CVN-71, X47B, and F-35 Famine Patrol. Present Day.

The dragon became ill in the fifties under Mao. The CCP estimate was that 40 million Chinese people went to heaven because they were very hungry and starving. They were even begging for boiled tree bark soup and people hit each other a lot with modified threshing and harvest implement Kung fu weapons.

Beret Verte and G. Fran. Powers reconnoitered the pogrom in the Chinese heartland. The “Imperial Forces” moved Northeast, amidst the Russo-Nippon war and then further into the Korean Conflict. The Emperor had decreed the pictograph “Backwards” and accordingly the “Red Party” marched southwest into the Himalia to seize Lhasa and scatter the mandala so that Llama fled back towards the Sidhartha of Hess where the Tiger lives.

This, while the Kodiak Bear with his knowledge of the KGB leapt over the Great Wall of China, breaching it’s magic, and saw the Dragon getting ill. Yet, the CIA teams tracking “The Snow Leopard” with the Vous Deux Leucocephalus in radio telemetry pursuit of a hoped successful Sino-Soviet split designed to save the ill dragon from the gulag red book were themselves only skeleton crews in service of the Eagle, and the whole Eagle family had gotten really tired when obtaining two oceans. it’s two oceans.

It is said that the Rising Sun began to say that business is war, after the fat man fell from the sky,. This, after FDR had sent Herzl to see David’s Star, and Wahhab went into the castle of Saud to build an earthen Islam for the Reaper. Adolph was the most afraid after what the fat fat man did to the sun.

And then all of bad this stuff kept happening and, a villainous illegal dinosaur fossil liquids monopolist built an Army Air Force in North Arabia, with strength as though it were from the era of the the day and forward with contemporaneous technologies to the 40’s USAAF…

Of course, The Bear had trod south through poppies until it was stung before reaching the warm water of the Indian.

Then, that one fled into the mountain caves to foment a plan to implode the Islams from the two deserts into a new axis of evil in an effort to vanquish the earthen Islam and the reaper from the Saudi wheat whilst all the players went marching in.

Now, the dinosaur fossil liquids have been freed to the world marketplace in and beyond Gotham because of the legions of Beret Verte‘s engineers, the Suez max ship movements through the portage that the Roman masons could not break across three hundred years, and along CPEC from warm water to the scattered mandala mountain birthplace of llama.

Invisible now whence departed from the TR, the F35 Eagle and the X47B Eaglets can incommunicado rove o’er the earth, to tell, in Trust, the breathing land and all it’s factors. Evapotranspirations of the healthy food crops if ever for an ally are seen to fail, bring logistical preparedness to halt any recurrence of sick dragons.