Federal and Confederal

Federal and Confederal are words with definitions pertinent to US history. Particularly to the pivotal year of 1862 when the Morrill Land Grant University Act, Homestead Act, and Pacific Line Act were passed during the Union era’s Civil campaign. People seem angry these days. Perhaps a comparison of federal and confederal premises is requisite. Perhaps limitrophes between variably designated zones is also requisite in light of Leviticus 11, geology, and natural vegetative cover. I argue that the regionalism of the biometrics of organisms and places was a just and true cause of the civil conflict.

The entire objective is of note, as much as simply abolition, or only the struggle to control the global textile industry, and also consider the then future further territorial expansion into Union conquest of Indian Nations and Spain that Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln had debated without Jefferson Davis.

Returning to Leviticus 11 alone, the Federalization policy of Senator Justin Morrill (VT) was certainly correct to partition agronomy away from habitation zones in the interest of zoonosis prevention.

And, notably contemporaneous to the abolition of slavery (as the industrial revolution began), and to the extirpations of indigenous nation’s populaces including the northern plains Sioux -in the land of Lincoln and T. Roosevelt- as well as being resultant of the S. Douglas A. Lincoln premonitions of the Union’s first campaign leading to the second and then third campaigns: conquest of Spain for the annexation her global territory occurred in temporal proximity to the abdications of Alfonzo el Africano and Wilhelm III of imperial Spain and Germany. So, while the Union era population from cities like New York, Hartford, Springfield, Newport, Boston, Lowell and Biddeford seized the South, then the US interior, and then the Caribbean and global territories of Imperial Spain; Imperialism certainly faltered in Europe, as though shaken by the invocation of the Monroe doctrine.

Yet, as foment festered in Europe, and particularly in Germany, where competing theories prepared to blitzkrieg westward and seep eastward; the USA had positioned itself to defeat Germany, the USSR, and Japan, as well as to additionally use the Spanish territory of Guam and the Philippines to apply detente to the catastrophic murder of 80 to 100 million souls in Russian Gulags and in the Maoist agronomical collectivization pogrom.

Therefore: I reiterate that the intent of this essay is to make a point about land use law, land and boundary designations, the scientific basis of partitioning dedicated functional aspects of a society, Leviticus 11, infrastructural design and COVID, and to conflicts about property within disputes regarding civil cartography, as well as regarding ideological dispute about the public and private domains.

The 1862 Union Wartime Federalization Legislation: Morrill, Homestead and Pacific; led to the grid or zone federation system of rail and later highways, it also created a “homestead precedent” for land boundaries which evolved into reservations, military bases, the national forests and the national and state parks. The story is of boundary delineation from meets and bounds to rectangular coordinate that is now seen in jurisdictional hierarchies which exist essentially at levels from municipal to state to federal private and public places, is theory and practice.

However, though the USDOEd is often in public opinion relegated to the past or times of the youth of individuals, this essay can also be seen as a projection of the federal zone purposings of Morrill University Act regions. This, as we are educated to achieve the particular expertise we need to excel at our particular state’s primary industry tasks, yet not with the expertise of other zones.

Here I will say that in the homogeneity of a totalitarian power specifying only a few prescribed “high priesthood” Blue Ball Cap offices from Philadelphia to Boston, and similarly only specific typified Red Cap officials ruling from Des Moines to Houston; there are only certain hats to wear in certain places.

“Something”; as though a variable could be assigned, that disseminated a red book, crept across Eurasia and killed upwards of 100 million “petty bourgeois” in an effort to force a billion people into becoming a “universal proletariat” via a migratory and industrial civil design applied collectivization process and into industrialized communal housing block farms.

We seem in the USA these days to be migratory on trains, automobiles, busses, airplanes and even as facilitated by the Morse key binary turned byte to terabyte to yottabyte plasma computer radio telephone video transponder web interface devices we now all hold in our hands. We move very quickly and our theories move faster. The unity of antiquated methods of information distribution has been subverted, and rightfully so, and yet dangerously so as well.

The 100 million dead during the Eurasia pogrom was initiated by a red pamphlet. Today, a leadership and social media might use web and devices to move millions, thousands of infrastructural miles in mere hours; similarly to how class A trucks move perishable produce from distribution hub to distribution hub on the Eastern side of the Mississippi in two days nearly nonstop.

I say no to a pogrom in the USA. Fomented angst of yearning persons might better be applied to mobilization of the USFS and the construction of new homes. For now we quibble over the flag of Columbia and effigies to be removed at festivals that do not showcase book sale vendor tables. Again, why the flag and effigy show? Let’s not orchestrate pogroms or set up the podium for angst. Let’s think about the environment and the good it can do for American families if only combinations of P. taeda product, asphalt, concrete, Tsuga tsuga, copper, iron, BLM and the USFS could move to Pisgah or Westward instead of being distracted by the acetylene expert vandal on TV.

God Bless the USA! What a wonder Federalization has been. Yet, much work needs to be done to educate the nation that abolitionist sentiment was not the exclusive causality of the Union era three campaign territorial expansion that helped us defeat the likes of hitler and the Soviet Union. The USA needs confederal values. We need municipalities, counties and states with all the functionalities of the entire USA, wherever and whenever possible. It is, after all, famously said: “Think globally, act locally.” I thank George W. Bush for naming the centralization of the government agencies the “Department of Homeland Security”. However, it would be very nice to see uniformed federal officers from USDOI and USDA / USDA USFS mobilized for our honored parks, agronomy, and utile forests.