Federal Limitrophes

The Rotunda

I really feel lynchings are metaphysical. Like pogroms and the crucifixion. I don’t know what faith and science are when paradigmatic premises vary across limitrophes of broadcasting geography syndication, spoken custom, secularism, and jurisdiction.

Upon the arrival of the punting, log jam, dynamite mining, guilded age of robber barons; Civil War Federalization by the Union set up a grid of rail (beginning with pacific rail 1862) and the homestead act of the same year. Poignantly; Morrill 1862 chartered the State University System.

The 49th parallel, the tropics, rivers, epidermis, mountains, structural sheathing, and coastlines all form or delineate geopolitical and island biogeographic limitrophes for everything from law and it’s jurisdictions to the multiplicity of temporal factors relative to genetics, speciations and extinctions.

Example: When driving between Killiworth, CT and Amherst, MA, about an hour and a half twice daily in the mid nineties on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mid nineties prior to a massive National radio syndication law battle which corresponded to the frequency changes and pertaining infrastructure advancement of the cellular communications and internet revolution; I noticed repeatedly that there was an all frequency radio station “transfer” between CT and MA at Mt Tom. Today stations are all consistent through that zone. The anomaly was 102.1 FM. Also, if I were to listen to Rock 106.9 traveling southbound in CT on I-91 and then failed to change frequencies prior to the following morning, I would begin my commute to the Howard Stern show guffawing “we want anal oral sluts”. I was very much offended by the mid to late nineties radio syndication wars.

In summary regarding the title of this essay: “Federal Limitrophes”; I am terrorized by the way crossing real boundaries is so problematic. I am terrorized by how misinformation, wrong, propagandized politics, and as of COVID-19 even mutagenic virological pandemics pervade.

Biocarboniferous energy and the transportation sector seem causal to this microcosm shattering global entropy. Federalization conquered Spain, Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union. The USA’s containment theory applied in Vietnam contemporaneously to the CCP Great Leap Forward demonstrated that pogrom mentalities would be corralled and grounded in their communal zoonosis farm housing blocks.

It has happened too quickly. The public/private sector word war infrastructure paradigm and family model city planning societal applied superpower policy divides have been poison to our phylogenetic civil systematics.