Fogs on Freedoms

What if the entire nation and the world became intensely psychologically conditioned to fly into a murderous and contentious rage when an internal nationally syndicated radio personality named “Dowsard Sterpan” crassly denigrated “Darn Engineer’s Hammers!”; Amidst discussions of their use for perverse mechanical rupture of appendixes? Then, deriding or championing “the engineering hammer” became increasingly taboo, and was endorsed and censored by a new political society known as “the demon gnats” who proclaimed a global edict: “if you think of engineering hammers; then you are one”, and “if you don’t like engineering hammers, then you like them secretly”. Thus, life continued as normal with the strange situational characteristic that 92.624% of the DSMV Modality population generalization (according to DSMIV) developed a severe psychiatric sublimated rage that could be socially actuated as an actionable death trance amidst a precisely bimodal 84.227% of the aforementioned population -whenever their lymphatic cerebral serum fluctuated into their neck pouches in accordance with the Newtonian law of gravitation and a well known proximal diurnal orb with no formal name such as Io.

Yet, a Columbian genius known simply as Dr. “M” was the colleague of his ingenious “research project munitions chemical tester” and stipulated a system to censor, release and control all free speech regarding “Dowsard’s” riot inducing syndicated broadcasting about ritualized appendicitis induction. Correlated to the martial speech prohibition; a satellite speech locator algorithm recognized each and every audio or digital transmission of pertaining words and word combinations. Thus, any Orwellian slob screaming word combinations like “Engineering hammer the appendixes!” into, at, or proximal to their computer plasma thought tether devices; could be quickly uplinked into the current administration’s space force global monitoring system. Further, over four billion megatons of USA and NATO ordinances were retrofitted as being clozapine aerosol close surface air burst munitions and HVAC aerosol fluid dynamic release systems with complicated urban and regional dispersal systems and pertaining systematic protocols.

The CVN71 F35 X47B evapotranspiration system was then modified to monitor the gaseous atmospheric psychotropic prescribed epidemiological flux at operation engineering hammer oppression locales. Aerosol virology may constitute modern biological weaponry, yet psychiatric and psychotropic aerosol bursts and civil engineering fluid dynamics is another threat; especially when national radio syndication systems control both thought paradigms and also primal fears of engineers hammer appendicitis.

Case studies:

1) An example of a university fraternity house inverting a central vacuum motor and using the system to distribute marijuana smoke contaminated by chemical engineering undergraduate students

2) prohibition era anti whiskey and speak easy culture was contemporaneous to the westward expansion era of botanicals, geologicals and fungal tinctures being imbibed in the “Wild West”.

3) CDC scatter plot maps of Lyme virus denote the spread of that pathogen and can be combined with forest mensuration study of plant and animal species threatened, extirpated or driven to extinction by fungal, viral, insect or parasitic invasive organisms.