Forestry Silviculture Interface

I don’t know if anyone knows the term “edge habitat”. In a macroscopic sense the mathematical ecology of the forestry/silviculture interface is that the time for a clearcut’s regeneration varies in inverse proportion to the size of the clearcut. It means that smaller is better for creating future rotation harvest opportunities when it comes to forest resource harvest continuum’s.

And, the benefits of the proportional clearcut size argument’s small harvests can be applied to larger harvests through various methodologies. Essentially, this all speaks to the capacity of edge to successionally regenerate a forest naturally; first with shade intolerant trees, and then with shade tolerant species in succession. It’s all pertinent to the concept of edge and thus is a function of a linear ideation of edge and of maximizing the linear function relative to all harvest objectives. Edge, proximal to cleared land, enables things like anemophily and wildlife seed dispersal… that’s what occurs in the symbiosis of ornimophily or entomophily. The idea, then, is that during an ecological timber harvest; prime genetic specimens of economically desirable species of timber should be left behind as seed trees, or, better yet; harvest operations should create a patchwork mosaic including and around those specimen timber and wildlife trees during the cutting and also then dibb bar in successive generations of timber, fruit and nut arboriculture, vinting stock and other herbivory like wheat or barley should be browse for Deer, Turkey, small mammals and all the predators eyeing them for dinner.

“Clearcuts” are best when the unit acreage has a number of perhaps, say, tenths or twentieths (in CT terms) of the total expanse, (an arrangement of mensuratively defined biometricly and aesthetically pleasing places with choice specimens), of the cleared space left unharvested and preserved -as patch locations. From the patch edges the wonder of life proceeds… from sun to photosynthesis to the genesis of the entire garden scenario.

This is what I think about while string trimming or ever so carefully treating a briar patch for beautification purposes; making sure to assure current and future yields, and also promoting ferns, thinking about cut flowers, minding warrens and ungulate hides, wondering about Concord grape wine, defending bittersweet and even huckleberries …upon the earth, over which I hold dominion.