Front Continuum

This Asia Occupation medal and depiction of Poseidon landing in France or Japan is dubious. If the picture represents Omaha beach then as we know D Day occurred. Yet, as both of my grandfathers, Simon and Alan served in the Pacific theater; relative to Japan neither is strictly true, because of Fat Man and Little Boy, which the US Navy admiralty estimated saved a half a million US Marines when detonated to avert the otherwise requisite mainland landing day specifically… though by 1969 there were bases in places like Okinawa, which I can’t explain. Islands such as the Philippines and Guam were annexed from Spain in 1898. Summarily, then, Roosevelt’s Harvard Thesis on the Naval War of 1812 had it’s theorem progress from Knox ME and from Moctezuma to the Tripoli Barbary linear aspect past an as of then still insurmountable Arabia and Persia on to the the remaining Spanish Territories lying East on the Silk Road.