Though taboo and purported to discredit me, according to the modern indoctrinations effecting our society; after 20 years of celibacy I know I need a woman who doesn’t want or need belching, farting “anal oral slut” fuck time every night. Nor would I think she would want her own feces in her mouth. Further, biological ovulation seems a cyclical function contemporaneous in mathematical calandar period with lode capacity to be the genesis of the familial traditions of Christendom, with their right, just, and true aversions to perversions such as perpetrated in this modernity as the neo gemenwebenshaft sodomite culture.

I know it is de facto illegal to be heterosexual and Christian and that sodomite cult behaviors make mandatory the ritualized insult to sexuality and to family that was written of by Marx. Still, I believe that ontogenetic pursuit of phylogenetically substantiated biblical traditions means that holy matrimony is between a man and a woman because the wedded state is causal of conception within the womb and the resultant fetus and birth, upbringing, and education (usually within the federalization’s mandates)

I humbly ask our federal government that heterosexuality and holy matrimony be legalized, and I, in the interests of its defense, hereby acknowledge my consideration of an open carry firearm in accordance with Connecticut state law and in defense of the wed and their progeny within our faith in creation.

I have the right to be heterosexual and to be wed to a woman, to speak and to write, to be secure in my person, papers and effects, and to arm myself in defense of these beliefs. No soldier of the pro sodomite government may enter my home, other than to die during wartime, and I can not be forced to incriminate myself.

I can not be conditioned and deployed for purposes or consequences other than my freedom as God may prescribe it for myself and my spouse, and, if I am to live in the darkened solitude of the wed, then my only purpose as a priest shall be the defense of these wed, and the clandestine crusade to purge the earth of any assault upon children, and families or to the blessed sacrament of holy matrimony which is the basis of all creation of love, familial structure, government, faith, and sapient life on earth that has as its mission the dominion over all all creation.