Glyphosate Treatment and its Benefits.

Herbaceous botanical defoliation, subsequent to the herbicidal efficacy of a diluted glyphosate concentrate mixture, and having been applied with a Forestry Suppliers backpack sprayer, is now complete along three sections of fence and at brambles obstructing the aesthetic vantage of pedestrians passing a bowed cherry tree.

Note the fence line

A more desirable verdancy of ground cover will be present in future seasons and grasses and detritus will tend to enhance the ungulate browse proximal to cover which will seed in immediately East of the site depicted. Grasses such as wheat, rye, switch, those found in typical deer mix, and hayseed are possibilities for new species introductions. Local agronomy may present additional native seeds which could take hold and root in this experimental agro-silvicultural garden; including Concord grape.

Note the fence line

A further postulation is that the introduction of native upland fowl might be possible in cooperation with local poultry facilities. If local biometrics continue to be converted via silvicultural thinning into ragged fairways of browse interspersed with geological and limnological features and herbivory zones like this pristine lagomorph warren to be; this whitetail hide and habitat management location is sure to be exemplary in enhance if this locale, offering a crepuscular cover amidst lofty strigiforms stirring in the nocturne, along with water, and now browse, to deer.

The Cherry tree. Unfelled.

While machete for acceleration of the glyphosate treatment’s forest understory clearing effect, and McLeod rake detritus removal for corresponding grass species introductions within the prescribed ungulate browse scenario are important, management for species in addition to whitetail, such as wild turkeys, pheasant, grouse, woodcock and bobwhite, necessitate that seed bearing trees like oak and maple be managed sustainably within a forest cover and canopy thinning activity which benefits the entire trophic hierarchy of all desirable species. The vision is a grand and mature thinned forest full of desirable wildlife, often raised and released for anthropocentric purposes amidst a rough and roving weft of verdant and wild fairways through stands of majestic nativity.