Hispano Mozarabic Rite

Roosevelt and el Africano
Clockwise from top:
McKinley, Rockefeller, Roosevelt, Vanderbilt.
RC Missal “Hispano Mozarabic Rite”
Republican Candidates Lincoln and Douglas

The Lincoln Douglas debate famously foresaw the 1861 Union southern front pushing beyond the confederacy and into conflict with Spain. That occurred in 1898.

Vanderbilt, McKinley, Rockefeller

The gilded age was founded upon the famously monopolistic Trust legal system, essentially until McKinley’s assassination on 9/16/1901

Amphibious warfare.

From Cortez at Moctezuma to Spanish Africa at Tripoli; Spain held middle and South America, the Caribbean, as well as ports and islands around the world on what was called the Silver Road, and much of the Royal Spanish territorial inhabitants concerned themselves with the spice trade.

Spanish American War Cross and Western Europe, Africa and Middle East ribbon.
Spanish American War Memorial. Bushnell Park, Hartford, Connecticut.

The Hispano Mozarabic Rite pertains primarily to the Iberian peninsula in the historical context of Greek, Roman and Muslim influences.

Content here equates to a theorem of Spanish American War connectedness to the “Moctezuma to Tripoli” ideation.

“Rough Rider” Theodore Roosevelt

As forewarned by the Lincoln Douglas debates, Union hubris led beyond the initial post bellum Union reconstruction presence and soon, after Union conquest of the northern plains during the Indian campaigns, mobilized a further southward offensive against Spain. The then Secretary of the United States Navy and future US President Theodore Roosevelt personally demoted himself from Secretary to Colonel of the “Rough Riders” and led the charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba, against imperial troops during an enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine. It was by utilizing “The Great White Fleet” that the conquest of imperial Cuba and the global annexation of Spanish territories occurred. Since his Harvard thesis; “The Naval War of 1812” Theodore Roosevelt had been participating with Navy intelligence regarding the construction of this the first globally capable, steel hulled, coal fired boiler global range fleet.

King of Spain Alfonzo XIII “el Africano”

The previous Spanish Naval hegemony pivots relative to a detrimental Anglo-Spanish conflict which ensued the 1534 Act of Supremacy and crippled the Armada relative to it’s own hegemonic age. Thus, the end of the Catholic armada might be seen as having enabled the full Protestant migration of the Puritans to Plymouth and Boston (see: http://owlranch.land/navy)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Though FDR declared that the attack on Pearl Harbor would “live in infamy”: in both the Pacific and the Atlantic theater; carboniferous organic fossil fuels, particularly in the liquid phase, quickly became the basis of an eventual USAAF air superiority which had much to do with anthracite liquification in Ruhr as a strategic counterpoint to Appalachia in the land of Biltmore.com

Wahhabism and Zionism

In the global WWII conflict where natural resources like steel, liquid bio-carboniferous fossil derivatives and fuels, silk, cotton, copper, saltpeter, jute, natural rubber and brass were all vital concerns underlying land and marine tactical concerns, and prior to perhaps 100,000,000 souls lost to communism; Stalin’s solutions to “the Jewish problem” were simply unacceptable.

It is here postulated that FDR, Churchill, and Stalin were involved in both the salvation of religious persons, and also with the then pre Marshall Plan strategizing relative to the model societies and paradigms of the future, along with concerns and competition about how these competing visions might, quite literally, be fueled.

Ibn Saud

A further postulation: that Zionism and Wahhabism were contemporaneous and that Wahhab built Saud’s place in Arabia. Meanwhile the Crown was concerned with Persia as Royal Dutch Shell and proximal to the Raj.

The postulation here is that there is a strategic continuum through the Civil, Indian, Spanish, Western European African and Middle Eastern, and Pacific campaigns.