Landscape Ideations

Mostly (Imprecise) Vectors

Note the pin; bottom left, and perhaps the one which is due South from there can also be seen. I’m not cadcam but I’ll still employ the surveyors pole, the Biltmore stick and perhaps a Biltmore calibrating length of line. I’m thinking that the transit would benefit in functionality from my spending the $85 on a golf and hunting range finder. Then I could plot grade and even treetops above the surveyors pole and get all the pin distances. Simple trigonometry and geometry from there will be adequate for a hedge or something. All of it could go on a large canvass on my horizontal easel. I’ve previously built a landscape on a canvass with wire mesh adhered with cheese cloth and wallpaper adhesive. Joint compound and wood putty worked well and that makes me think bondo. Perhaps thin copper wire from the model transit to elevations. Perhaps I’ll place essential forms of vegetation. Many scoff at my $250 transit for lack of precision. As though landscapes are an art for and not intended for 10th story girt placement like when you need a $27,000 total station.

Matutinal Survey