Eastern Red Cedar?

Perhaps few would see an egalitarian and transcendentalist metaphor in a cedar tree. Bittersweet, Concord Grape; twist entwined into the boughs of this Eastern Red Cedar. Aloft, and often a pair, are Great Horned Owls. Coyote and Bobcat prowl nearby as a Whitetail Buck, aye, has put the rub upon the Concord Cedar. Peering also is a Bard Owl; and Pilate Woodpeckers have bored, searching, into the trees while spending increasing time nearby amidst our currently occurring National American Ash extinction. Hawks predate upon plentiful small mammals. Occasionally, gaggles wander and rafter, and flocks and skeins follow the geomagnetism. Bear, sometimes sows and cubs, frequent this place. And, then what might corn and estrogen on this cedar do… for myself; in my Ghillie? Like the leader of a skein now known, there may be opportunity for tracking in more than the soft soil here; via radio telemetry.

Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”, and King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” convey a distinct peace to me here.