Machu Pichu Trail

Before the Spanish conquistadors conquered the last of the Incan Empire in 1572; the Inca high priests prescribed a societal behavioral phenomenon amidst the Peruvian highland populace.

Across the timespan of perhaps the last two weeks I have purchased four $4 dollar cigars at Isaac’s market from Danny. There is a chair behind the house under the deck where I try to smoke them and I am then often told to take a walk into the woods by my landlord.

This morning I had a bowl of cereal and client for a moment about similar chemicals within the cigars and the cold coffee I often scavenge before I’ve made a fresh pot. Rinsing my cereal bowl I remembered that there was perhaps a cigar butt To be found. I usually keep a meerschaum for when the French don’t consume all of the whole leaf Latakia in Syria; and also because some early Euclidean engineer fit cigar end to pipe.

In walking around the house I worried I’d cast my last nicotine alkaloid into the herbivory.

Anyone who has dug through dirty ash trays for a butt knows this. It’s not only an alkaloidal chemical’s place or station, it’s the way alkaloidal chemicals make us wander towards our fix song a “Machu Pichu Trail”

Cortez killed Atahualpa and 30,000 Inka with 17 horses, 111 men, guns, germs, and steel.

Machu Pichu, built with stone from significantly downhill by using alkaloidal chemicals with pH controlled by the crushed lime of seashells, and other ethnobotanical known substances; constitute an aspect of indigenous tribal and civilized medicine.