Mensuration Computing

I’m ambulatory despite my disability. This is what I look like to the geospatial scan satellite when I’m lying in bed much of each day. Regimen is gone. I’m not a psychiatrist. I’d like to tell the story of our forest mensuration computer network and it’s tracking of functions of virological populations including parasitic entomological host species which transmit spirochetes and larvae hematologically in Animalia. Our computer was functional as of 1949. Inter-departmentally, it has grown to control the recent post COVID plague monitoring. We have been able to monitor bio-scientific field data well since the sapien extinction was averted and global populations leveled at just over 40 million.

Insects, birds, reptiles and especially hominids have since been capable of mutating or being mutated by others, across even vast divides between orders, families, genuses and species in Kingdom Animalia via this virological flux which even aerosolizes into the air. The viral pathogens within other organisms in the kingdom of Animalia are thus causal of a mutagenesis in human RNA gamete coding which causes neonatal infection and then an ontogenetic transfer of same phylum DNA; with limited inter-phyla mutagenesis.

This, as the computer is attacked by legions of misguided environmentalists whose devices have undergone a bio-metallic melding with centers of their cerebellums. New metallurgical, pharmacological synaptic structural networks form in their brains similarly to a type of spongiform alternator coil and thereby control their minds, and their infinite fleet of electric Volvos, with a logistical forced dispatch programmatic language subject to a separate computer. The logistics computing algorithm is underwritten by a ten bit per byte algorithm where the bits are inclusive of a simultaneous 1, 0 Phi character.

Ostensibly a battle, our experimentation has in fact been guided by our theorem postulation that a sophisticated biological metalloid human brain species, based on our primary sapience, might very well be possible to create.

At the convergence of the apocalyptical battle between what we can call the virological phylogenetic meld, at its interface with the metalloid synapse network meld, we expect to generate our first propagules.