Metabolic and Dietetic

This may be interesting; having been compelled all the way to world ranked swimmer and then to double my BMI in 2-3 years via dietary change and sedation/sublimation at the onset of a personally unwanted treatment for my apparent failure “in the pool” and my loss of faith in academia; prescribed to be an irreversible and incurable condition that now must last my lifetime according to science and also which federal law stipulates a currently in 2021 federally imposed maximum salary of $17k.

As few amongst even the world ranked do, I know health and sickness through empirical means like the athletic pursuits. I know exercise science from both the perspective of a near Olympic World and USA ranked endurance athlete, and also the requisite heavy sedation and sublimation of psychiatric illness.

7-60 BMI then fluctuating and also from a 55:05 5K freestyle… my primary sentiment is that NCAA and Olympic athletics are primarily built on classical conditioning in the primary sport, during additional exercise and during weight training; and therefore I now in my life pursue evasion of that type of tick tock methodical regimen. However, I do believe in participating in strict forms of physical exertion and strength training as free people.