I initially wanted to be a United States Navy SEAL but I was cerebrally maimed prior to service. Anterior right temporal lobe. 1994. At first I continued my swimming and studies through a transfer from Clemson SC to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Yet, at the onset of my catatonia, confusion and paranoia I began to believe that the 55:05 5K pool capabilities I demonstrated in my second year at UMass were a farcical waste of time and energy given the preponderance of zodiac boats utilized by the military in maritime, estuarine and limnological scenarios. My subsequent abandonment of NCAA aquatics contemporaneous to my increased focus on land use and resource scarcity academics, along with the continuing assistance I have received of millions in pharmacotherapy related to my brain injury, then proceeded to refine my vantage and intent into more of a geological, agronomical and silvicultural paradigm pertaining to perpetuating the sustenance of the USA; especially during the inevitable biometric fuels depletions threatening the future viability of our transportation sector. And, though my formal academic life required ten years of study; The United States Social Security Administration has funded my considerable health and granted me the liberty to pursue a lifetime of academic pursuits and the research I am in the process of compiling and presenting via my company Strigiform Scientific. Amidst the now apparent continuum of the mission I have forged into my personal revelation of a most beckoning American truth; I have become a fervent adherent of the United States Army. So, now, with nearly thirty years of training having afforded me the opportunity to achieve such a right to give all that I can to my nation; I declare that I am content with my social security benefit and now awaiting only the wife with whom I now believe I have always belonged. And, this, so that she and I might continue in service of learned ascension.