Mitre Jig for Mitre Saw

45° 45° 90° compound miter moulding jig

New (and nicely square) compound cut moulding jig for mitre saw turns double plane bevel cuts into a single angle cut on a single plane. Kinda like a Euclidean geometric quadrant becoming Pythagorean trigonometry with the base of the jig being a vector from set to the tangential 90° secant or fix that thereby depicts some navigational trigonometry of heading, declination, rhumb, or off tracking… Also, I believe I’m now going to make inside and outside templates with inside angle, outside angle, left side and right side labeled. Then, since each 1’ bevel cut moulding template piece for the job will be labeled “OL, OR, IL, IR”, I can drill holes in them and string them onto masonry string, twine, wire, or a bootlace.

I used a table saw, a mitre saw (double bevel is better) an air nailer and compressor. Wood screws and the 18v cordless drill would have worked. The mitre saw will cut through the workpiece but not the jig. Still, fasteners are several at each point of contact at the ends of the jig so that the blade doesn’t cut through one of them as it scores the jig during each cut.