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Speak Easys Sans Devices?

I definitively feel that there is something obstructing the functionality of my computer radio telephone. And, though I know such “crazy thoughts“, whilst we are all so mandatorily “happy and free” (from thoughts suspecting Morlocks) will probably result when I speak of them publicly, in my being thence sedated and sublimated for life within the way creepy subterranean wards of Hartford’s “Institution of Living”.

I’m not worried, I’ve yielded to the pharmacology that now controls the minds of the populace, whenever persons do not publicly have “lots of Eloi fun” despite causal suspicion of those unmentioned Morlocks in creating said melancholy amidst more observant Eloi.

So, many of the dutifully jubilant do in absence of real, inspirational, fulfilling, and actually lucrative non proletariat and non “worker world” jobs, they desired to be designated for mortals, then proceed to succumb to a certain despair. For many dream of occupations not just proprietary to those clairvoyants who have surpassed their early twenties achievements of multiple PhD’s in psychotropic megahertz receptor pharmacology manufacturing, or, equally exclusive amongst lesser scientists; the research and development of benthic cline borne tri-phase meteorology aerospace biometrics and geomagnetism resonance synapse response induction.

It is, after all, that few seem persistent in acknowledging post 1956 Highway and National Defense Act era valuations of such things as CDL’s, “human food product” and P. taeda pulp products as in any way being valid components of public health sciences amidst the Morrill University Act specification of Connecticut’s primary industries, with their exponentially concentrated foci in the exclusive pursuit of polymer based organic matter synthesis to metallurgical tissues in transgression of nature for the symbiotic interfacing of plasma computer brain prosthetics with sapience.

Anyway, thus, due to the modern efficacies of these often rare earthen mind control salt and derivative potions from epic pharmacologists, which were corralled by some Holiday law into the future realm of big pharma during prohibition -when speak easy sedition was the scapegoat for everything deleterious about tinctures in drams that could harm good whiskey-Now it is that mere few, mighty, now remain confined within the nearly abandoned mind prison structures unjustly.

Further, the dozen perfect people who speak of the current irrefutable truths contemporaneous to the now from upon the stage of the all media mutual fund center television oculus owner’s desk do say to us that Russia never obstructs the capitalist order. Conforming now, I meekly agree with this the resonance scanning view screen webbing’s master’s command to omit fear. Amidst virtual green ticker tape, it seems the USA has won all, only now relinquishing the prize, of oil from the apocalyptical crusade, lying proven beneath the vanquished monopoly’s substrate, and now demanded Chinese asphalt, shall thus be placed upon the world market stage whilst solar panels purport sustenance of our USA’s transportation sector beyond 2040.

Also, we programmatically rejoice at the oculus’s proofs that the idiot William Cody of Jersey City has fallen to the CPEC Shah, politically, and so that CPEC’s access to the “biocarboniferous and organic fossil polymer stock” helps bitcoin supply and demand. For, after all, the “oculus owner” says: “Let the market handle it.”. Currency is no longer dollars as commodities are now calculus.

Continuing, somehow constrained, I seem to sometimes write upon a corrupted platform now threatening a forced terminus to mine and my patriotism’s understanding of the USA’s 49 and upstate. I, amidst the beams then sometimes never watch the oculus beacon command center’s post three front unionist violence era power’s gentry and it’s abstraction proceeding into its fruition of global finite resource scarcity, while hidden within the bitcoin fiction, as the burgeoning world population, and Mr. Grassley’s Ramen, fodder, ethanol, biodiesel and Soy Foods dry bulk mega tonnage, destined often for the greater eastern seaboard of Asia and the Subcontinent, is, the calculus. (*additionally, the USA’s fodder and forage; generative of our highest protein content and most calorie dense foods are for God’s people (and certain pets)).

So, as I find myself unable to speak and publish, a certain programmatic webbing through the ethereal network of hardware and frequencies aloft is now obscured or is disrupted, with this made apparent by my portals evidentiary recurring statistical failure to provide an interface. No connections produce exchange of information through written or verbal communication. I am alone. There are only view screens. Is it “the oculus owner” who obscures my freedom to think?

Sleep and Waking Midst

Where is an intellectual woman (30-44) desiring her own chamber, askance mine, wherefore occasionally united; and thence where she is always here with me? And hugs, I dream of, she the might… unto our cuddling persistence be this apprehension mine where the pending slurry gush for the rhythm is to her ovum cycle. Yet, perhaps, with this said embrace, temporal, and it matched to tidal chance; then such being therefore in lieu of or maybe absent certain apparatus a sustenance to her as I wait; till closer at fortnight we perchance in vespertine time thence do proceed to the less mundane hour amidst these my tedious scholium realizations.

Might she have her own money, or care for my impoverishment, and not despair overly in regard to my intellectualism except to pledge to visit me occasionally; when I am relocated to the Institute of Living by police, so secret and clandestine? Certainly I assert these my cerebrations over the proletariat homogenization mantras and their desired frivolities in stead of the alluded theory’s work. And, I ponder such: the federated morrillity’s troops of places and their scripted purposes, exclusive paradigm to paradigm, transcending o’er which, I leer.

Father of Christ

I, most worthless from amongst my lineage, and yet still being the fourth son of my name from the supreme power of some primeval patriarchal namesake birthright of we the seven Simons, and, whom, having in celibacy and poverty abstained from the call of myself to abdicate the pain whilst at that time maimed in cortex; hath heretofore bourn the mighty burden of the Holy Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Faith, -into the tear within America and the world that is resultant of the Union’s three front assault upon continents, for its premise- yes, I, I, have failed to be an Olympian Scientist US Navy Seal JF SOC Ranger CIA Operative who might now through my valor and privileged name henceforward be at liberty to control all professionals, and their sciences and industries, as President and CEO of my lineal enterprise; the sole force of the accumulation and concentration of all knowledge and power upon the eastern seaboard.

In stead I, I, a meager lurking apparitional and vanquished remnant of the order; excommunicated into netherworlds of brain damage, fantastical delusions, terror, and isolation, have hidden fought evasive of superior force in wilderness abandon till only now returning to this some place differing from the one I left. And, I remain alone.

Here, purposefully and causally towards achieving the passing apparition proximal to this my tainted, tinctured and damaged self awareness of my own glorious rise to my dismal fall do I, from within, persist. I know thus that I am secure in my actual reality, and here then shrouded of sorts at my prie dieu device interface peering to glimmer of ethereal mind do I gather, record and exist as STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC; the electronic manifest of a mind with a digital limitrophe to ears that might hear; cloistered, an SSA Beneficiary and eBay collector. In this my quest I gather the detrital lifetime achievements of dead American grandfathers. The story I attempt to tell is both mine and theirs.

Radio Henge

Future United States President, Army Officer Harold Truman of Missouri, was once on a forward mission in command of an equine calvary of light horse drawn rifled cannon field artillery. Activities transpired in accordance with his own command in the Western Europen theater during WWI in confrontations against Germany.

Radio, primarily a WWII phenomenon, is causal in historical understandings, of credence in a postulation regarding relaying orders. During such an age of early military technologies; communications of particularly the exchange and dissemination of orders, yet also of field intelligence’s gathering and reporting’s efficacy are therefore to today’s soldier often incomprehensibly different from that of modernity.

Debatably, this timeframe of equine Calvary and lack of at least portable radio can be seen as the era of radio phenomenon study’s infancy.

Note an ideation of the then current atmospheric MHz phenomenon, as well as it’s disturbance and refractions related definitions. Such a concept would constitute a now outdated theoretical entirety of geomagnetic based phenomenon of the earth’s magnetosphere. Theories of the phenomenal and it’s detection by contemporary devices and synaptic tissue of animalia, may have also maintained that behavioralist ornithology observations regarding migration of geese, migratory songbirds, and pre radio message carrying homing pigeons instinctively returning to roost, persisted as valid.

Observant of the flux itself of magnetosphere phenomenon are in particular; birds. Aves, perceiving such flux diurnally amidst the solar influences and under known stellar positioning; offer and have proven persistent evidences of this and perhaps additional theoretical premises. Thus, some scientific EEG of awareness detection in animalia, simply, might have summoned persons for the hypothesizing of wildlife’s being exemplary of utile military science additional to EEG and EKG, such as of perceiving induced resonances of magnetism; within the temporal context of this essay’s premise.

Signal triangulations, at scale, locating otherwise unknown transmission locations, is a GIS corollary between sciences from navigation to MRI. Observation systematics research is sometimes worthy of a retrospective perspective initiation of an introversion into an oculus of time predisposed therefore to peer more fervently from the stasis point of self. Thence, unto concept fixated upon some heart or mind at a set’s fix, and certainly one not of an externality to the true place of origin inside the radio henge.

Often, antiquated “geocentric” or “flat earth” and “dead reckoning” comprehensions and study, inclusive, as aforementioned, of such things as telemetry based EEG and EKG; ornithological and astronomical navigational positioning, and a study of the observers and subjects of such awarenesses; can and does elucidate.

Concepts pertaining to this “radio henge” of flesh or metals are perhaps also transferrable to papers, maps or charts, before when possible CAD. Proximal set and fix vector aspects of a sort of metaphorical elucidation of the origin unto perimeter vantage concept is a Euclidean to trigonometric armillary henge around oneself which might then proceed into elliptical Scholiums of vortices beyond cumulative boundaries of the henge. Thenceforward and perceptually definitive is this the reconnoiterer’s self as being the origin point amidst objects to be observed. Observing and observed, then, with truths empirical being peripheral and external to the self’s origin point within the phenomenon here defined as being the armillary henge premise; truth therefore becomes understood and definitive whenever observation is validated by the increasing scope of said perimeter of center…

The Snow Leopard (Penguin Classics)

The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia (Kodansha Globe)

Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001

Mao and the Sino-Soviet Split, 1959–1973: A New History (The Harvard Cold War Studies Book Series)

Gunga Din and If: A Collection of Poems Volume I to III

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Select Your Region de

Fighting the Ghost

Brain Pharmacology Phenomenon.

The USA SSA has thus far applied over 15 million government dollars to cerebral pharmacological therapy intended to remediate the brain injury I sustained in 1994. Perpetrated by a US Navy Veteran, my brain damage then prevented me from joining the US Navy as I had intended. I hope to survive my injury and it’s treatment’s unknown efficacies and counter indicated phenomenon for at least another decade. I consider my mortal wound, my participation in the treatments I undergo, with pertaining reporting to Connecticut and Yale Psychiatric, and also my experiences, studies, and attempted thesis statement during these decades to constitute my current cumulative service to the United States of America. I am now starting to offer the report I have initiated at STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC,, and I am attempting to answer to all inquiry regarding my efforts during this experience and also to explain this effort within injury and healing.

Vie, ah Vie… for Fie

Some hadean teacher impassable yet had me read a sound of thunder into and ‘twain letters scripted, and, throughout, though signages here and upon returning through time were intelligible to mine being and difficult, for my vital vie, ah now fie, fie, (vie for rhymes) which here are and heretofore shall be blazoned thenceforth as though decrypted by a placard’s lightning tether specifying I, I, now decipherably am a federal permanence upon this: mine earthen path within the aura’s magnetism now untrodden yet for archetypal scores for future memories of a fantasy as on strings; whence am I now myself in search of a malleable mood to teach, perhaps, in said sounds and proofs of labs, my scattered mansions, stithies, cloister, as I please.

Clines Subliminal

I suppose that the gathering storms somehow of shadows are populated by them there personified as being individuals immortal; such as eternal personas historic like legions berthed when not charged to a watch as they seek.

For some amongst the seldom seen are those never having worn lone oxen’s blinders, nor perhaps ever having been similarly or singularly yolked to tasks, in certain fashions said, unsaid, and that we few and legionary specters ourselves do in fact and in deed know consciously of that particular looming asymmetric front at our rear and of it’s being in pursuit of us and on course somehow towards the weft of places, stuffs, definitions, proofs and populace that the might hath said definitively to be our nation.

Lone we these yet now summoned apparitional beings are, midst thine threat of a release to congregate as conjured by the same seance truth necessitating our containment.

And, until the gathering thence of us that truth be found in bindings bound at depths- of memorizing the shadow’s bodily form of dust, iconic and having formed then and thence authentically, enigmatically, from a sepia and blue dictation of the deep, from before, and still to come.

So, heard and written was our order’s task whilst we, driven lone through rigors, and near shadow of death, thence were penitent as while midst archetypal classical conditioning schisms were we also so eerily the few then inspired… Studiously shrouded, us; ‘till so ethereal it’s now being; that any and all empirical reckoning of our scene might never appear to any not sworn to be within.

And, thus, that amidst this, his, and perchance blessed be thus our, sacred disease; and, as additionally here noted forever it’s being for perseverance towards, yes, her, yet unmentioned here, by this I whom not of yet hath realized creation’s purpose; the definitively essential abandon’s poignancy denied for mission. As such do I therefore continue in search of said fog of truth’s fruition of clarity aforementioned, thine, and, cloaked; in stead of and yet resultantly for such and thus roving synaptic thread into a tapestry Pentateuch chart thence embroidered into armor, elusive and as described, into and for that matter of the causal inputs to a shrouded stealth capacity generative of fright’s induction into the ghostly fluid flux -like a gyre’s force recapitulating into skein a flock of fowl fair- amidst and in predation of less clever fishes then further ‘tween the rippled interfaces of the darkened benthic clines… piercing thermal limitrophes thus so thenceforward fiercely driving oppositional creeds towards their absent word’s simultaneous vacancy is made a precedent force that peers to wayward flotsam with law by infidels evaded, such that that any further obstinate pursuit of other than our truth therefore never shall relinquish any key capable therefore of releasing such fallacy to a salvation from these type catacomb abodes of the dust where ours the darkest chambers rule.

Zones of Morrillity

It is so profoundly amazing to have been cerebrally (maimed) by a US Navy compatriot, sufficiently to later require $15million in pharmacotherapy, and thence to have been externalized relative to the purportedly epic bimodality of the red/blue populist regionalism inherent to our American political scenario since 1862. I can explain only via synoptic and historic metaphor here that not Richmond yet it’s premise has perhaps fallen to a federation of superpower epicenter specificities and their structural design features; which prioritize the elevation of locales within the federal superstructure envisioned by Mr. Morrill, yet do so rarely with any popularly evident cornerstone paradigm beneath or above, nor transcending, the scatter plot realities therefore concentrating souls within the limitrophes of our confine zones and their given modal geospecific paradigms, nor beyond the populist psyche parameters of each particular place’s prescribed normalcy.

Salubrious… pass the salt into the aura.

I feel, or have felt, that my father insults and dismisses me due to a from whence unknown yet pure disinterest in my heart and mind. Yet, that he “loves” me so fervently as to assure I be relegated to being maintained here alone, in a stasis of some void, sustained, as his pharmacological and agronomical schnitzel gobbling foi gras goose. Here, therefore, am I; within this my real and metaphorical stateroom cerebellum confine of salts and polymers docked synaptically within the aqueous schism of said void and waters.

Only now am I secured, albeit upon this, his “ship” of memories and dreams, by my own federal money and medicine. I, I, finally therefore transcending the excommunicative abandon of his wanton deployment orders and assignments. They, aforementioned, being similarly unavoidable for me to the purported alternate “joy” of some impossible immaculate obedience of his version of myself, -until skeletal waste- to an option of some adherence to a glimmer antithetical to that wretch amidst the wilderness sent, I.

Further, my ostensibly primatological launch trajectory to said place seems to have emanated from the fantastical deluded epicenter of his id. So, I accept and in fact revere that “due to my illness”, I am now liberated from his propensity for base subordination to the menial premises of some -and I here defend him- class or rank theory paranoia. Compounding such; hither he amidst hallowed halls of argument hath his constructs of mind betwixt amidst his fears of some archetypal jungle. The entirety of this, for which, he has built his regimented classical conditioning obedience rituals.

That there aforementioned; if, in fact, he himself is not disassociated from his own command regarding the un-chambered and therefore assumed benign click and snap precision of the requisite obedience regimen to study of this our generational scientific verbosity capability.

In return, I attest to my love for him, and pray this his raging command of from minutia to epochs herby be relieved. And additionally thus; that if it is I who has been said to have abandoned some mission of achieving the highest power of the glimmering cup of aurum, and it’s ciborium of sustenance, then let it be known that such infidelity mine, of aural specter substance, be in the name of love and holy matrimony.

Vortex Abode

I feel present in a stability within this my hypolimnion realm. And, I, I, here not specifically submerged to any thermodynamic depth ‘neath achievable altitudes; remain specified by insular factors of my stasis as it is being maintained contemporaneously to my liberty from place. Quarantined I can take note only of grand archetypes; tectonic in culture and science as they beckon from beyond the limitrophes of my dead reckoning’s crawl through space time; and that thus I must in this cloister hide from lesser ideations; heeding only such as therefore are exemplary of some demonstrable tidal flux of societal humors en mass… occurring upon and within the vital sheathing of this rock and that here are driven by the gravitas of this: mine vortex abode’s realities perceived, which, observing, within and through which do I exist.

Enigmatic Archetype