Parietal Pariah

I am very cartographical. I’m unsure who would say what about ideations of pariah being a root term for parietal lobe behavioralism or clinical psychiatric capacity in the perception of GIS information.

The Christian concept of Jesus in that spatial sense, of course, is that after Bethlehem, Joseph took Jesus southward to Egypt. And, if we accept that Joseph was learned in the important texts of the time, then it stands to reason that the journey was a father teaching his son lesson about persons such as Moses and Jacob.

In our currently colliding world, however, we should consider the Magi, and, perhaps more than Mt:2; where although it is said that the Magi departed Bethlehem by a route different than Joseph and Jesus, it is the Quranic Surah 61 which speaks of Christ perhaps traveling east of Bethlehem and possibly therefore to Baghdad.

The New Testament begins at the Jordan. So, the known eventuality of a prophet traveling in the footsteps of Jacob, having experienced some nuance of the Abrahamic texts’ decisions regarding tribes proceeding west and east after emerging from the Sinai, relates to John’s execution and Christ’s statement that a prophet is not welcome in his home town.

If Jerusalem was a Roman outpost aside the Mediterranean core of the empire; and a boundary existed between imperial paradigms and those of the Abrahamic Christendom which approached with Jesus Christ… then conceptually it follows that at least in theory there were similar boundaries also to be encountered between Christendom and Islam in the east, and that such boundaries were similar to the territories traversed a millennium after Francis of Assisi departed the Rome christened hundreds of years after the crucifixion and proceeded to encounter further boundary Limitrophes preventing his order’s christening of Gaul and Slavic domains.

I won’t digress overly into the theory of island biogeography; yet, what denotes the permeability of biometric or political limitrophe boundaries? What is a line on a map? What are trajectories, trails, roads, headings and courses? Notably Francis of Assisi succeeded in one of his attempts to make a pilgrimage to the holy land. Today, it is valid to wonder how Francis might have navigated both his sea and land routes; from Assisi just northeast of Rome, to famous locales around Jerusalem including places controlled by the sultanate.

Is it ironic that Galileo faced the inquisition for proposing a heliocentric universe? The church would’ve been the seat of intellect and dominion across sea and land. I know the words Ordinal and Abscissa and that the origin of any graph is at their intersection. Yet, lay that cross down on a map or chart and what are time or depth and altitude? What is a boundary on a map. When is a limitrophe permeable? What flux of nature exists in space and time? Where can I be… other than at the center of everything?

Heck, that sounds stressful. I’ll let Jesus Christ bear my burden of a need to understand everything.