I never really thought of Wahhab and the Khumeni Shah scenario as contemporaneous. It’s always been Saud. I wonder if there are pre 9/11 theological names for the international partition of Arabia. (Surah:61 seems to me to claim Christ went to Baghdad after perhaps Mt:2, and that’s about “East” of Bethlehem on a course to the Fertile Crescent and Kuwait.) Limitrophes arent always border fences and disputes can apparently be theological or about scarce resources on a macroscopic scale. There was part of me that thought Afghanistan was a Shi’a part of Persia. IDK. It seems more evident that Arabia has been partitioned between north and south longer and in a different way than the [Suni and Shi’a] [Arabia and Persia] crossroads of Afghanistan. Yet, that [x] of a unified pan Islamic landmass was the polytheistic or dually Islamic intent of the Laden harem’s 27th son. A Suni Wahhabism with antagonism to Saud finding haven in a northern and not quite entirely Shi’a Afghanistan seems logical. Now a Soviet era sentiment persists after what, alkaloids? CPEC too… and I wonder about a Sino Soviet resurgence. I believe China wants to get hooked on oil and then liquefy it’s coal reserves.