Perils of Causality

Captain Cook

The biosphere and all organic geological compounds were made by the sun. Environmentalist camps decry only one of the two effects of the primarily 20th century terraforming and phase change of that geology; and that’s the twofold H and C atmospheric and oceanological acidification.

It’s not untrue that molecular substrate phase change origin hydrochloric and carbonic acids from organic materiel such as diesel, gasoline and aviation fuels cause that acid. And, resultantly, realities like the variably defined thermodynamic flux that is nowadays postulated to be exclusively contemporaneous to Industrial Age acid causality can be seen in purportedly universal theoretics such as proxy documentation of global warming, alpine limnological acid fish kill, and the death of corals with the potential to stagnate and even halt global gyres.

Yet, regarding the most serious two threats to the biosphere; whilst “global warming”political campaigns generate not only actually possible US Presidential candidates and simultaneously Green saboteurs who steal dozens of vital votes; no none talks about biologicals in island biogeographic theory scenarios facilitated by the transportation sector.

Hawaii and Galapagos are the quintessential examples of not only pristine Darwinian Island Biogeographic evolution. Captain Cook historically brought wild boar and ship rat cats to Hawaii to predate upon ground nesting ornimophillic pollinators of now eternally extinction driven unpollenated lei species. Extinctions, after all, cause fractures in what we call the web of life when connectedness between symbiotic species is disrupted.

Cook’s expedition brought at least wild boar, yet also perhaps ship rat predating felids which might’ve escaped inland, Darwinist type scientific specimens, grain store seeds to eat, grist, knead, sew or spill, and other ultimately invasive cargos (never mind flotsam and jetsam) such as coconuts, rum cane, and rickets preventative vitamin C limes. And, these cargoes were very frequently biologicals that could readily become island biogeographic propagules in the “fertile soil” of new worlds …when they arrived in the verdant gem vacuoles of any island habitat isolated by phenomenal distances, latitudes and altitudes. Or, by epochs worth of extraordinary genetics and speciations due to these causalities.

It can then be readily understood that vector species carrying hematovore entomological or animalia invertebrate parasites, or, virological species, all often travel as readily when stowaways inside vessels like ships and freight containers as when they are viruses, ticks, fleas, burrs, invertebrates, funguses and viruses within or attached to mammalian host species. After all, a rat, or a rat with worms, insects, funguses and viruses inside and on it, can both find their way onto a ship, into a container, or into an airplane as cargo.

So, we cry about terraformed carbon in the sky and sea while the term “entropy”, typically reserved for the interplanetary Big Bang physics of the universe’s expansion, is only occasionally brought to a reality of atmospheric and oceanological terraforming origin gaseous phase change acidification. All the while, however; never, ever, do we hear about transportation sector mobilization of island biogeographic propagules and the resultant biometric consequences.