In summary:

Part One:

The cocoon was evacuated from China by elite troops from amongst the final Qing Imperial Guard. Initially transported Southeast through French Indochina, the cocoon moved past Sri Lanka and then was assisted by the Raj on an overland route along Dutch East India Company rail lines northwest into Northern Pakistani terrain with imperial orders to proceed through the Middle East.

There, upon the Steppes of the Himalaya, negotiations and dispute occurred between the cocoon transport team of Imperial Qing Guard and the CCP mountain patrol forces who were there to attempt an intercept after they had just crossing the volatile lands of the recently fallen Tibetan theocracy as they were moving into the Pakistani disputed region intercept point locale in a southwestern direction through the CPEC project excavation survey route comparisons.

After the alpine dispute scenario, once the clandestine logistical transport of the chrysalis (filled with moth people embryos) had proceeded northwest from Sri Lanka towards northern Pakistan on the Raj line; the aerosolized RNA vapor force shielded chrysalis became defined as then being in the post alpine dispute sequence of the operation.

Moving southwest on the CPEC project routes towards the Persian Gulf, the Cocoon Team the turned Northwest via stolen (junk) sail boats and proceeded in good conditions until able to enter into the Mesopotamian riverine ecosystem and proceed undetected upstream to safe passage through Baghdad.

Then, moving into and across Syria with the French Foreign Legion’s assistance; the cocoon yet again set sail; this time, around Greece and Italy until it entered France with the additional help of Franciscans who proceeded with the Chrysalis onward through France and Across the Atlantic to the Eastern Massachusetts locale reconnoitered by Imperial Gypsy moth silk farmers from earlier generations of the Qing Imperial Guard. They had, at the previous time been serving the Qing Empire as forward observers for the divinely foreseen inevitability.

Part Two:

Having discovered much rare earth, organic compounds and metallurgical ores in North America, the trajectory of what the entities were summarily to become in the USA followed the establishment of natural resource dominion jurisdictions. Metallurgical chemical ores were initially subjected to a prohibition ostensibly directed at Canadian Whiskey; which unfortunately was incapable of policing dram shop toxicity prior to future medical regulatory development.

This occurred as the entities established the infrastructure to recover ores not held in reserve and to bring them to pharmaceutical trust manufacturing and research laboratories in the population center academia focal zones of Morrill 1862 which had succeeded the liberalism of 1849 ore recovery statutes.

Eventually the metalloid pharmaceutical bioaccumulation procedures advanced and meld symbiotic structure and function transitions into the biometrics of the cerebral cortex became prevalent amongst the entities who undertook the procedure.

Then, at approximately the time of the aerosol RNA vapor shield cocoon arrival; with it’s own “cargo” of moth people embryos; the web technology of computer radio telephone plasma interface developments which were at the time morphologically adapting, via chemical engineering, into sapien synapse connectivity tissues via a novel Cu MacMoran meld link chemistry advancement in phase contact to radio plasma materiel was achieved in this the historic plasma interface development timeframe of synapse to computer web uplink protocol structural grid integrations.

Part Three: