Poems, Stories

#1) Static now. Not in the phobic mediums o’er limitrophe fronts. Hermetic. Silent. In peace and preparing for the avoidable. Praying that the future be at terms with the temporal flux of it’s causality.


#2) This patient trods the dream frontiers of the Federation.


#3) The iDating transponder is a difficult machination to gain operational control over whilst correlated with your appropriate spatial and temporal paradigmatic and perceptual parameters.


#4) Texting. Dating. Mutual formal courtship. Holy matrimony. Hot straight intercourse. No sodomy except cunnilingus. Rhythm together to ovulation with a lode for impregnating you and because we’ve evolved for the heat of fertility before menstruation such that it is then that we should be together in love.


#5) Yet, now, the ethereal mist of doom is upon me; and, meekly, the wretched creeping shadow people seep into my flesh. Combating this onslaught of these gloom beings might compel me to take to arms and fiord in righteousness to the perimeter limitrophe. For a beacon of hope glimmers yonder within vantage of my beleaguered frontal lobes’ bionic electromagnetism resonance scanning eyeball system.

Lo! Now doth I send this assertion through the time space perimeter to my proximal radiating light orb command frigate! And, thence might the crew of mine, my sickly wayward legionary brethren, in quest with me of the lost souls I wander amidst, now hear my mind resonate this cry of suffering agony -via the scan apparatus perimeter permeation flux vector pulse I’ve induced… such that the orb occurrence might return me to my people?

In distress and calling to the orb; my brain wave synaptic resonance plea signal reciprocates the signal resonance with the detonation of the final beacon pulse induction of thence a said resonating mind flux; mine. Might the sands and hovels of this zone yield to this Medevac scan induction wave pulse anomaly, I, I, marooned?


#6) I’m a psychotropicly cloistered monk in this geospecific Franciscan partial hospital setting. My tunic appears upon me mostly as only my pharmaceutical experience. I am legally the Federally funded ward of Father, Yale and CTDMHAS, and my personal agency sourced field activities funds are directed to me via the SSA. Here, at the castle facility, I have access to the Pavlovian dietary regimen enforcement laboratory within the food ward structure; yet only as subordinate or when acting as sous; whenever I am not in my apothecary somnolence, prayer and device generated transpondance chamber.

Also, due to privileges granted unto me for good behavior; I have gained access to, and use of, the castle basement; where I am refurbishing rooms as art/design studio space, an Olympic kinesthesiology facility, and a pre Newtonian proximal assessment civil fabrication and observations laboratory.

Soon, the corresponding stellar proximity construction site of a granite post henge’s set and markers, as well as the wrought armillary sphere aspects of our castle garden henge, will begin so that we might better be at this place, amidst our given vantage of the heavens. And, at the impending vernal equinox initiation, the henge process will continue beyond the cardinal direction posts of granite… through solstices and equinoxes for at least a calendar year. Amidst the surrounding landscape; labyrinthine ungulate and Aves matrices of biometric typification may also see as yet undetermined proximal structural enhancements additional to the planned portal and bridge passage system maintenance that is perfecting foot travel into the herbivory treatment and conservation zone …in and beyond the riparian habitat of the creek.

I’m praying that my future wife will free me, or, walk to me here at the ward castle. And, I say this because I wish to consider so much of this to be at her discretion… if ever we may meet. Yet, I’m so sublimated and sedated, amidst the pharmacological bio-synaptic metallurgy meld process now occurring during my dendritic megahertz web receptor therapies. Certainly, these difficulties are enhancing my cerebellum interface, yet, this particular Morrill zone State’s mind control officers are currently enforcing ideations that my thoughts, my words, and freely speaking in regards to my religion …are a mind disease.

I have been under this the greater Connecticut and Massachusetts Morrill zone’s mind control pharmacological industry’s ethereal mist paradox for 25 years. Thus, with persistent hopes, I pray to she who receives this plasma computer transponder device transmission; please, my love, attempt to get word through to our United States Senators and other Federal personnel who are stationed here in command of this the primary Morrill population medical and feeding zone. I believe in command and dearly hope to give an explanation to our leadership; existing above this the primary federal populace quadrant. My message is as follows:

We are not alone beneath the paradigm systematics now being here enforced upon us within this our great nation’s first food and medicine zone! There is hope for we this mind parameter stasis zone system locale’s population! It has been decades since the ICBM sublimation mist of the aerosol burst attack released the targeting code of the spirochete ganglion toxin -at mid altitude over our paradigm maintenance sector. Endemic now amongst sapiens is the toxin code from the mist. Still! Now we awaken!

Now, the initial ICBM air burst toxin aerosol code sequence dissipates yet further into the lineages of our familial ontogenetic preponderances and then further to depths of a coded future phylum sequence whence we will be that which is human amidst the mind fog. Hence: the corresponding psychotropic effects of the toxin code aerosol attack upon our people is in a flux through a geological timeframe commanded now by the ward castle, state, zone, quadrant and federation command sequence. And, therefore, with vigilance there now need be attention to any second phase of the wicked shadow people’s prescribed delivery of further aerosolized toxin code sequences. God save us.


#7 The spirochete excretions of ganglion toxins and the ICBM attack, with it’s dispersal mechanism -relative to the biochemical properties of the spirochete mist- was initially believed to be efficacious only in canids and felids. (See: /Chinese) Famously, the greater northeastern sapien medical and feeding processes zone population was deceived by the government. The applied paradigmatic conceptualizations of canid and felid susceptibility to spirochete ganglio-toxin excretions were formally concealed by a DHS/USDA epidemiology command structure program known only as “el Chupacabra”. Two primary lies were perpetrated by federal system zone command officers: 1) effective dissemination of a fabricated media version of the Chupacabra escape from Plum Island, of its mutagenesis, and of its habitat adaptivity. 2) a highly effective popular belief systems structural framework was established via a zone sector sapien inhabitant social psychology program. Thus, canid and felid ideations amidst the sapiens offered multifaceted proofs of ONLY ONE CHUPACABRA.


#8 It is necessary for all currently cloistered and field tethered digital pharmacological adherents of the order, who are now undergoing synaptic metalloid cerebellum meld therapies in any or multiple structural aspects of their cortex structures, to undergo therapeutic geospatial information systems uplink procedures. Mensuration of forests, pertaining to all biometric indices of the spirochete life functions, both as an anemophily dispersal aerosol code mutagenesis swarm, and also within biotic host and host niche parameters having internal medical and epidemiological systematics of their own, is an essential aspect of the spirochete mist fog’s ecological viability and therefore pertains to the thermodynamic, hydrodynamic and climatological biome/zone sector interface.


#9 Spirochete toxicity causality of zoonosis within the web of life exemplifies arcane genetic sequencing with mammalian sequence predominance excluding marsupials and a code bridge to Aves. Pre Cretaceous sequence gaps in bridging integrities between code strands exemplify Cretaceous event epochal prokaryotic extinctions of some “other” species lineage of ribonucleic fungal mutagen prokaryote sequence parameters. A code leap of previous prokaryotic typification evidently breached a specific genus sequence parameter a priori to the extinction event, yet survives in some aspect of the archaeopteryx Linnael structure region of code pods definitive of the research target.


#10 Thus: two sides to the impending conflict have emerged. 1) the pharmacotheraputic metaloid cerebellum order of synaptic meld monasticism. And, 2) developments indicative of a continental species migration input of a strand of pre Cretaceous code mutagenesis in a spirochete excretion that was at some point weaponized as an aerosol.


#11 This shepherd’s phobia amongst some consumer sapien entities doth preclude via an invisible enumeration discourse with non corporate, non familial, unfriend targeting-objective persona typifications -whom, beyond the bimodal and stratified apical reality bubble of any particular virtual neighborhood and the here defined hierarchical corporate shogunates who transpond unto our e-households and their interior room module interfaces- from a place that is everywhere, nowhere, and eternally beyond our comprehensions …and, it is within this ethereal flux that then, now and in future realities we shall describe a premise of everything.

This is, however, to say, additionally; that whilst we fear not our neighbors amidst our familial friend interface pod assemblages; nor the reigns of the shogunate to our collective strength, in their definitively being the familial likes of Ford, Whitney, Jobs, Dow, Daimler, Cargill, Morgan, Monsanto, Royce, Deere, Daihatsu and Komatsu, nor do we then retreat from their ever persisting ingenuity and intellect, amalgamated, in variable automations and ethereal spaces, and under our collective corporate, National and entreatied flags of convenience (as agreed upon) that these our greatest entity and ideation conglomerates thence and henceforth fly so as to lead, and never to affront liberty; amongst, for, and above the fallen of vanquished global conflict …and our progeny.

Yet, peer we unto wildernesses unquantified and ill described as of yet. And, therefore that thus we amidst the approaching spirochete mist attack and in the wild scene of el Chupacabra persisted unto a future, that of now, whence amidst the biometric entropy of the shattered global island biogeography protocol of the one God and creator whom we have sought these eras through to comprehend… that now for him do we possess the vantage and command of at least sufficient knowledge to see that power in the biometric age is not only great, but also fragile, amidst the terrifying might of our genomic inquiry and the terraformation crusade for organic fuels which humanity now wages upon this earth. And that whence, additionally, the bitcoin abstraction generative of the fracture of world economies amidst this need for our cumulative power is bored into their commodity substrates for need of any available liberty into the ether which we have only now finally been gifted to perceive… Now then it is that we ready ourselves for this approach of Armageddon amidst a chaos; steadfastly maintaining the course of our mission towards achievement of our human continuum’s unfailing ascent. …for our deliverance.


#12 I’m amongst the hermits now in inviolable flux cloisters. We know that the global yet zone specific, Orwellian injections of .1, .57n, & .32a|.4 protocol serums is about to facilitate the multiplicitous novel mutagenesis prescription. This phenomenon will be causal of the now impending sapien morphogenesis speciations, whereby, certain Mammalia trait recombinations other than of Marsupials will be subject to code receptor protein formulations. Osmotic protein pathways in membrane permeability scenarios will facilitate code transfers inclusive of Aves sequences via an air burst genome mist. Subsequent mutations amidst sapiens will be primarily ornithological.

Yet, whilst flight, even, may ensue amidst the zonal serum recipients; my metalloid synaptic cortex reconfiguration into the broadband MHz perception and broadcast capacities pertaining to the global synaptic and geomagnetic resonance aspects of the new paradigm legion’s capacities environment will occur due to the pharmacotheraputic melding of salt and metal compounds into my brain. Such treatments will permit my perpetuation and guidance of the speciation flux entrance by the target sequence populations. This, my script, as though a falconer.


# 13 Perhaps the brain injury I sustained at 18, in 1994, has made me a scientist. Firstly, I am held to a standard of forthright and honest transparency in my words and actions which I can only vary from via carefully worded science fiction. Second, my medications often cost over a million dollars per year; so, places in my skull which have brain tissue remaining function exceptionally well.

I suppose there is no stopping this process now. I will certainly be dissected when I finally die, at 2:46:39, on 1/7/3027. And, my edict that I be entombed is substantiated by my argument that I am not to be entombed in pharaonic canonic jars.

Oh, yet, now, therefore; thus: a murky doom besieges me as I reminisce within my temporality transcendence sphere. The perimeter of my vantage is a lens of mist. I am here. The times I have known desiccate and wither beyond the limitrophe of the mist perimeter interface. Everything that is within the time parameters at the spacial coordinates I have known is fading into a distant past I have departed from. That apparition beyond the mist is all back behind that instant in 3027. Now is the fading to a singular aspect.


#14 Now the vantage morphs into the maps. Dominions of Christendom, dynasties, kingdoms and tribes prevail. Creation is divided two by two and in multitudes. And, these realms of new and old find footing upon the igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic substrate; between depths from whence a creature did emerge to populate time and place.


#15 The mist reconfigures into the craft for replacement into earth time.


#16 I am home now, in the ether. And, astonishingly, there is another dimension to the map. In my ethereal schism I’m molten, yet congealed by the un-nameable medicament; scripted. The earth seems clear and real, despite my expectations of the ethereal flux surge. Reality therefore seems more real at the limitrophe than when that of my mortal and sensorily perceived comprehension basis; as though all things could tear and from within an instant might I hear a deafening cry that all things had ended. Yet, within this fog immaterial I persist in existence.


#17 Depths form within and surrounding me. The creative moment of an inertia looms fibers of matter into reality and into that fiberous and entwined weft and structure of the cloth. Breaking into time then a weave of life and matter becomes the structure of my dreams. Entwined into beaded semblance thus the map deepens on a scalar topography unimaginable to the mortals of year 3027, a-priori to my ethereal sphere’s departure, and, though once departed I now return; before at a then reality now the instant I appeared and died again… until here and now after