Battle of Hampton Roads.

I’d like to postulate that a continuum of divide perpetuates as a myth within the USA. That the primary eras of US History are the Colonial era, the Union era, and the era now occurring*, and that the shift from trust law to corporate law corresponded with the height of the Union expansion as the Monroe doctrine in part was envoked as foreign policy justification for initial federalizatizations East of the frontier, and subsequently moved Westward according to migratory jurisdictional land use designations, and then proceeded with the Spanish territorial annexation by federal power then as entering the global fray. And, thus, that the federalization then ended the Union era via that same expansiveness; as the paradigm of Hartford Springfield weaponry, and the textile mill complex of Lowell, Biddeford and Whitney engineering, migrated, dissipating into the realities of the bicameral ideation dispersed… with the frontier upon steel rail and also globally with the leadership Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet. Still, there persists an ethereal limitrophe to the federation. Somehow, a continuum based in the bicameral legislative process of colonial documentation seems to have written dissent, or, more precisely, the polarization of policy, into the realities of the field circa the 1860’s and then forward in the conquest of Spain made requisite by the arguably hubristic application of the doctrinal federal premise. United against Monroe’s opposition through the twentieth century, the primary schism to American centric policy seems to persist as the fundamental duplicitousness. Yet, remove the shroud of political schism and no greater power in the world exists for delivering the security, medicine, food, communications, mechanization, logistical wherewithal, vital infrastructure and benevolent care of the globe than the United States of America. Dissent, I pray, is an illusory conjuring of ailments that the premise of “all heal” campaigns to alleviate, and even eradicate, as souls are elevated by our mission of salvation.

*the era now occurring is fueled by biometric combustibles and by inquiries into biometrics.