In that I believe I have been subjected to conscription and compulsory service in experimentation regarding abject psychotropic classical conditioning; I accept the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenic and will publish STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC at domain and correspond via Facebook and messenger whilst accepting and embracing federal aid and federally funded medical care. I believe all those around me are constitutionally obligated to respect my rights as an American and that thereby I will achieve my personal sovereignty and wellbeing. I regret that service to this aforementioned power precluded me from being wed. At this juncture I still wish for the wife of my dreams and yet I need to address my own security. With the assistance of the social security administration I fully intend to cloister myself here in place and maximize this voice of my web platform, oil painting art, natural science, and history. It is the government granted SSA $1k/mo SSDI that allows me to publish via my devices here in my father’s home. I hope that my Nation and God continue to assist me with being a disabled American. God bless the USA.

Diagnosed in 1998, I have undergone considerable medical care; primarily pharmacotherapy. Significantly over ten million federal dollars have been spent on changing, altering, cureing and alleviating a certain suffering in my brain. Initial MRI’s in the first decade of treatment have shown the damage to be in my prefrontal cortex and right temporal lobe and no longer degenerative.

A sequence you might notice.