Rare Earth and Derivative Synthetic Nightmares.

I wish I were not imprisoned by my father’s nearly three decade denial of his sudden 1994 annulment, conscription, kidnapping deployment, and abandonment of me, his son, to a gang of psychotropic serial felons from New Jersey who had formed manufacturing bases and a network for uncontrolled illicit psychotropics dosages distribution in and around Clemson, South Carolina during the mid nineties.

I most certainly was excommunicated into a dream state psychotropic hell (pertaining to Asiatic Nations and Theocracies) as they poisoned untold innocent dozens of students at Clemson University while conducting disorganized and game like hierarchical unlicensed research psychiatry which at times centered upon lying to obtain acceptance. There were very loose economic parameters to the party like environment. The accurately stated invisible nature of the dram tincture dose tabs was touted to never appear illicit; upon induction to the occurrence. Coercive, ultimately rapid, and pseudo sacramental methodologies were utilized for the capture of victims.

I do not appreciate that my eastern seaboard education at Clemson and then at UMass centered in part upon weaponized psychiatry and the, forgive me, mind warping potential of classical conditioning and pharmacological weaponry in combination. In lieu of my brain damage and nonterminal degenerative cerebral condition; I would certainly champion not only the lesson of avoiding and fighting criminal activity, yet I would also teach the dangers of social psychological psychiatric induction of crime, war, and pogrom evils. It has become evident to me that the madness of crowds can quite easily be induced and subsequently manipulated by multiple factors including personnel, pharmacology, and the availability of and or cellular aspects of accurate and temporally congruent, valid information.